Why I am so certain that I can help you…

Everything began more than 50 years ago…


My grandmother was a psychic. My mother was a psychic. I am a psychic!

Even as a little child I started to feel these benevolent presences around me. Today, I call them “my invisible positive energies” or my “forces of light”.

Back then, I did not know why I was different from other girls. I could feel everything around me. As soon as I met someone, I could perceive their aura, their light. I would feel positive or negative waves radiating from that person, as if it were some kind of electrical current.

Year after year, the phenomenon grew stronger. I started to perceive more immaterial forces, like the flow of luck energy for instance. Then, I learned how to control them. I very soon successfully managed to attract positive energies and repel hostile energies.

And since the universe is made out of energy, I became a genuine magnet for positive energy.

Soon enough, I was using my gifts to help my family, then my friends. However, I was never able to use my gifts for myself.

Then time went on, I got married, my children were born… After an eventful life, I got a divorce when I was 40 years old, and I ended up alone with my 3 children without any kind of support or alimony. This is why I know the meaning of loneliness, and feeling abandoned…


Why am I so certain that I can help you?!


Because after all these years spent helping others, I have complete mastery over the gift I have been granted. My “Forces of Light” have never left me.

Today, at over 70 years old, I continue my life’s work: in a world that gets increasingly hard, not a single day goes by when I don’t look for deserving people who need positive help.

My goal: “To allow you to attract luck to your life. To keep any existing negative force away from you.”

Well, now you know almost everything about me, about my life, and the path I’ve been walking on!


There’s something more I would like to say…


As you can see, I had to go through difficult times too. I know what it means to be alone, shunned, without money, and with no hope to pull through. This is the reason why I am the best person in the world to understand your problems and help you get better, with my knowledge and with the amazing powers that my “Forces of Light” have enabled me to master.

I teach Tarot reading, pendulum use, dowsing, and numerology. But most of the time, I help those who call on me to solve a problem, regardless of what it is. I have this power.

This is why you can call on me if you are currently obsessed with a problem that is ruining your life. I will find a solution. You can trust me. I have been practicing for more than 58 years, and hundreds of people have put their trust in me. You will find some testimonials here.

You can trust me and share anything with me without fear.


Sincerely yours,