What is Astral Projection and How Can I do it?

astral projection

There are many aspects of spirituality that are open to interpretation. The idea behind an out-of-body experience (OBE) is exactly what you might imagine from the name: an experience where you leave your physical body behind in some form. But what is astral projection and how is it connected to OBEs? In simple terms, it […]
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Ophiuchus: The Secret Zodiac Sign


Have you ever heard of Ophiuchus? If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s quite normal. We have always been told that there are 12 zodiac signs, connected to 12 constellations. Most of us know their names. They are a part of our culture and an important guide to determine our actions. That is why the news of […]
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The Magic Powers of the Supermoon


There are special nights throughout the year. Nights which have a special influence on us and on the people around us. The meaning of the Supermoon is unknown to some people. However, even if we do not fully understand its effects, we have no choice but to surrender to its beauty. But what makes the […]
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What are the Water Signs of the Zodiac?

water signs

Throughout history, humanity has been aware of the four primary elements: earth, fire, air, and water. These elements represent aspects of life, but they also possess unique characteristics. When it comes to zodiac signs and astrology, each sign aligns with just one of these elements. We can therefore consider each person to be represented by […]
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What are the Fire Signs of the Zodiac?

fire signs

Earth, air, water, and fire. These are the four elements that have been widely acknowledged throughout most of human history. Four seemingly connected forces that are unique and opposing, with each possessing unique characteristics that can be applied to people through their zodiac sign, with each person having a primary element associated with them. We’re […]
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What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

earth signs

We often hear mention of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. These are ideas that have been used throughout human history, sometimes in relation to spirituality, and other times in pop culture or entertainment media.  The four elements represent distinct groups that are similar, and yet separate. Each possesses unique traits and characteristics, and […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to the Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

Within astrology, we often hear about planets going into retrograde. The most common example of this is the Mercury retrograde, and it’s often given as an explanation for why things just don’t seem to be working out quite right. But what is Mercury retrograde? When is Mercury in retrograde in 2020 and 2021? Is Mercury in […]
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What are the Air Signs of the Zodiac?

air signs

When we think of the zodiac, we naturally picture the 12 separate signs and their corresponding personalities and symbols. Many people are unaware that these signs can actually be grouped together based on the element we associate with them. There are four main elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Each of the zodiac signs is […]
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What are the Different Moon Phases?

moon phases

When it comes to the different moon phases, there are a lot of terms to wrap your head around: blue moon, harvest moon, thunder moon, waxing crescent, waning gibbous, and so on. Trying to understand the power of the moon’s energy, and how we’re affected by the moon cycle, is impossible without first coming to […]
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Free online astrology reading

free astrology reading

We all know the meaning of astrology – it is related to the movements of the celestial bodies which have an impact on the lives of human beings and the natural world. But, do you know about astrology reading and what a free astrology reading is? How it is linked to you and your life […]
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A Simple Explanation of the Astrology Birth Chart

birth chart

Astrological birth charts can seem incredibly complicated to try and navigate. Birth charts, also known as natal charts, hold a variety of information surrounding the celestial positionings during the precise moment of someone’s birth. Each celestial body and its position can reflect a new detail about a person’s past, present, future, and personality. Rather than […]
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