Geobiology and its influences at home


This fascinating science referred to as geobiology makes it possible for us to better know our environment and the invisible influences it has on our health and wellbeing. So let’s explore them… All places are filled with influence Whoever you may be, wherever you may live, you cannot escape it… You are under geobiologic influence […]
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“Happiness is often the only thing that one can give without having it, and it is in giving it that one acquires it.”   Voltaire   True happiness is to be found in the sincere desire to share moments of happiness, although you may not be happy. True happiness will spontaneously spread through you once […]
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Friday 13th, the reasons of the superstition


Whether you believe in the power of Friday 13th or not, you might find this date to be intriguing. It leaves no one indifferent. Some fear it while others look forward to it. But how could this superstition be explained?   A belief with deep roots The mystery in which Friday 13th is shrouded dates […]
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Choose a job you love


“Choose a job you love And you won’t have to work a day in your life.”  Confucius If you manage to live on passion and to pursue your goals with a positive attitude, you will never feel like you have to work.

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