A Guide to Understanding the Seven of Cups Tarot

Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is the card that typically shows an imbalance between what you desire and what you are willing to do to achieve your goals. If you want to climb the career ladder without putting in hard work or give up on things just because they require effort, then you will find yourself […]
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The Witching Hour

Witching Hour

You’ve probably heard of the Witching Hour before. It’s a mysterious time during the night that is often associated with magic, witches, and spooky events. This window of increased supernatural occurrences may be a common theme within entertainment media, but its origins date back much, much earlier than any TV.   WHAT IS THE WITCHING […]
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The Magic Powers of the Supermoon


There are special nights throughout the year. Nights which have a special influence on us and on the people around us. The meaning of the Supermoon is unknown to some people. However, even if we do not fully understand its effects, we have no choice but to surrender to its beauty. But what makes the […]
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Using a Tarot Card Reading to Learn More About Your Soulmate


Tarot card readings can help guide us along our spiritual journey. We can ask questions relating to love, career, finances, spirituality, and much more. One common topic is soulmates. We often want to know when we will meet our soulmate, how we will find them, and the type of influence they’ll have over our lives. […]
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A Simple Explanation of the Astrology Birth Chart

birth chart

Astrological birth charts can seem incredibly complicated to try and navigate. Birth charts, also known as natal charts, hold a variety of information surrounding the celestial positionings during the precise moment of someone’s birth. Each celestial body and its position can reflect a new detail about a person’s past, present, future, and personality. Rather than […]
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What are the Different Moon Phases?

moon phases

When it comes to the different moon phases, there are a lot of terms to wrap your head around: blue moon, harvest moon, thunder moon, waxing crescent, waning gibbous, and so on. Trying to understand the power of the moon’s energy, and how we’re affected by the moon cycle, is impossible without first coming to […]
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What is the Ancient Chinese Practice of I Ching?

i ching

I Ching is essentially about the principle of the universe and how these apply to human life. It’s the idea that by living your life based on the universal principles, you will be in tandem with these energies and will attract positivity. When we go against these principles, we go against the stream of energy […]
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What is the Meaning of the World Tarot Card?

the world tarot

Each card within a Tarot deck is unique, but some are more unique than others. While the Minor Arcana cards resemble suits from a standard playing deck, and are therefore relatively common with one another, each of the Major Arcana cards are completely separate and unique. Every Tarot card carries a different meaning depending on […]
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Exploring the Power of the Egyptian Tarot Deck

egyptian tarot

Most people are familiar with the standard Tarot deck, which consists of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. This is arguably the most common Tarot deck, but there are a variety of deck styles that each carry their own history and power. One example of this is the Egyptian Tarot. This divination tool […]
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What are the Earth Signs of the Zodiac?

earth signs

We often hear mention of the four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. These are ideas that have been used throughout human history, sometimes in relation to spirituality, and other times in pop culture or entertainment media.  The four elements represent distinct groups that are similar, and yet separate. Each possesses unique traits and characteristics, and […]
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