Discover Your Personality Number

numerology calculator

One of the important numbers in numerology reading is your personality number. It is calculated using the consonants in your first name and is a way to predict the energies you will be sending out into the universe and the energies you will attract. If you are not sure that you are doing it correctly, […]
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Free online astrology reading

free astrology reading

We all know the meaning of astrology – it is related to the movements of the celestial bodies which have an impact on the lives of human beings and the natural world. But, do you know about astrology reading and what a free astrology reading is? How it is linked to you and your life […]
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judgement tarot

Focused on resolutions and outcomes, the Judgement tarot card unveils important conclusions about a specific situation. In a way, we can see it as closing a chapter in our life, while putting all its effects on a balance. It is up to you how things end. It can be positive or negative. But if it […]
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What is the Queen of Cups Reversed?

queen of cups

Tarot cards have been used as a spirituality tool for centuries. Their ability to connect to our energy and reflect our place in the world, often through hidden or ignored truths, allows us to find meaning through a simple reading. The problem many people face with Tarot cards is understanding the message contained within each […]
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