How to use a crystal ball

Boule de crystal

Crystal balls arouse fascination because we tend to picture them between the hands of a medium predicting the future through the mist of mystery. Unlike what many think, crystal balls can also be used by people other than mediums and clairvoyants…

Crystallomancy using a crystal ball for the first time

Crystallomancy is a divinatory art used to predict the future through crystal balls. During a crystallomancy session, a clairvoyant or medium gazes for a long time at his/her crystal ball. He or she is then able to see signs and forms full of information.

The apparition of prophetic visions is made possible by both the gift the medium has and the energy charge held in the crystal ball.

Anyone can make use of them

No need to be a medium to use a crystal ball. Even though it is indeed a divinatory object, it can also be a tool used to delve into your subconscious, to heighten your sensitivity and to find the answers to the questions that run through your mind. You can also have an astrology psychic reading.

Like the free psychic reading, you have to view crystal balls as a tool designed to light up your path and a way to receive a preview of your better future!

So you can purchase your own crystal ball and use it as often as you like.

Here are significant elements you need to have in mind once you have set your heart on finding one:

  • First of all, it is preferable to choose a ball made of extremely pure rock crystal. Its size does not matter.
  • What really matters, is that this crystal ball catches your eye when you see it among the others.
  • There are different types of crystal: some are completely translucent while some are slightly smoke-filled. Crystals that are slightly grey/white are called “Moon Crystals”. Your crystal does not have to be completely translucent. Just follow your intuition and choose the one that draws your attention, even if the crystal ball in question is smoke-filled or phosphorescent.
  • Your crystal ball is a personal object, one that is filled with your own magnetism. Store it away from prying eyes and do not ever lend it to anyone.
  • Before you use your crystal ball, pour clear water on it – the goal being to purify it. Do so every time you use it.
  • Then, make sure you are in a positive state of mind. Relax, forget your daily worries. Start meditating and allow yourself to fully relax. Now, gaze at your crystal ball for a moment. After that, try to focus more on the signs and visions that might appear. The more you implement this practice, the likelier you will be to have visions and to detect clues that might lead to the answers you are looking for.