Major Arcana: The Hanged Man Tarot

the hanged man tarot

When things get complicated, it is better to distance yourself from the situation, in order to find an objective solution. This is basically the lesson that the Hanged Man tarot card is trying to teach us.

The Hanged Man Tarot

If you are in a jam, insisting on going in one direction can make things worse. Sometimes it is wise to stop for a moment and search for other alternatives. You will see there are other solutions that you didn’t even imagine before.

At first, you might think that this card is upside down. But it is just an illusion.

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In a way, the Hanged Man tarot card brings us new perspectives that can change the way we think, the way we interact with others, and the way we perceive our role in society. Suddenly, some burdens that you were carrying for a long time, will fall, and you will feel freer to continue growing.

The shadow of the past can be long, but it is time to move on. This card shows us the importance of letting go. We don’t need to continue hanging on memories that make us sad or anxious.

Card Description

On this card, we see a man hanging from one of his feet. He is hanging on a tree that has the form of the letter T. He has his arms behind his back, bent, in the shape of an inverted triangle.

Surprisingly, he is not hanging from both of his feet. One of his legs is tucked behind the other. This free leg and the calmed expression on his face can make us conclude that he was not forced to be hanging, but that he is in that position because of his own will.

I wouldn’t say that he enjoys being in that position, but at least he seems to have the right balance under the new situation. As if he can find stability in such an uncomfortable position.

But not only this. He is also able to find a new perspective, making the best out of the circumstances. This is proof that leaving his comfort zone has made him wiser.

Another sign for this is the halo that shines around his head. The halo represents awareness and enlightenment. 

This is also visible in the colors of his clothes:

  • The blue of his shirt shows his clam emotions and his self-control.
  • The red pants are a sing of passion and his physical presence in this world.
  • The yellow shoes can be associated with intellect.

Concerning the number, this card is the twelfth, as we can see from the Roman number of the top. The element of the card is water, and the planet that rules this card is Neptune.

The Hanged Man Tarot Meaning

Making a sacrifice for the greater good is one of the most important lessons we get form this card. The hanged man can be seen as a kind of martyr that is ready to give up many things to continue with his progression. 

But not everything is going forward with the Hanged Man. There is also the need for pause and reflection. In this case, it is important to remember that life is not a race.

Sometimes you just need to stop and do a complete analysis of your situation. The idea of this pause is not to give up but to come back with more energy.

1. Hanged Man Teaching

You have to be really honest with yourself and determine if you are on the right track. Don’t consider the road you taken as a failure, because life is a learning process.

The Hanged Man Tarot card teaches us not to be prisoners from our old mental structures.

2. Hanged Man Teaching

There is so much to discover out there, and learning to look at the world with a new perspective is a blessing.

Seeing this card on reading is a sign that we need to change our strategy.

3. Hanged Man Teaching

Sometimes it is just as easy as doing exactly the opposite of what you normally do. But remember that it is important not to rush.

Take as much time as you need. This will be essential in the outcome of your choice. Remember, letting go can be difficult, but we need to make amends with the past.

Reversed Meaning

If you see this card reversed, it means that even if you are conscious that you need to stop, you keep on ignoring this sign. As if you were resisting it.

You even try to get yourself busier, thinking that the more you do, the easier things will get done. But this is only a distraction, and the hole will keep on getting bigger and bigger.

However, it is important to pause before it is too late. The situation can really get out of control.

Sometimes, depending on the other cards of the draw, the reversed Hanged man can be a sign of blockage. In that case, the pause that you are going through is not voluntary, but it depends on a third person.

This situation is completely frustrating, I know, but you have to look for a way to scape this blockage and take your destiny in your own hands.

Finally, the Hanged Man tarot card can be a sign that you are postponing a decision too much. You might want to be 100% sure before you make the decision or wait for the precise moment.

But the final confirmation will never come, so it is better to be brave and take your chances.

The Love Meaning

In a love reading, the meaning of the Hanged Man tarot card is about waiting for the right moment. The conditions are very favorable for you

but try to play it safe. New feelings are starting to flourish, but they need time before they finally bloom.

More than ever, you need to be patient. Use the time to get to know the other person better. To know what this person likes and how to get closer to his or her heart.