Major Arcana: Justice Tarot Card

justice tarot

Fill with honesty and truth; the Justice tarot card embodies a fundamental concept for our society. Without justice, and without assuming our own mistakes, we can never progress.

But this card is much more than doing the right thing or confronting someone with its deeds. It goes beyond that. Beyond the institution. It is about the natural influence that the laws of the universe have over us.

In the end, we are responsible for our acts, and we will not be able to escape the truth.

the Justice tarot card

Without forming a judgment, this card tries to reconduct our behavior and put us in contact with our abilities to recognize wrong from right. It also tunes our sense of integrity and reinforces our moral skills.

Card Description

Just like the High Priestess, or the Hierophant, the Justice tarot card sits between two pillars. However, the meaning of the pillars is not the same as in the other cards.

Here, these solid pillars are a symbol of:

  • law.
  • structure.
  • and balance.
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Hanging loosely from the pillars, we can see a purple veil, that doesn’t cover the yellow background completely. This veil represents compassion and empathy. Two essential elements that Justice uses in her judgment.

She is sitting on a chair, holding a double-edged sword on the right hand, and a balance (a scale) on the left. The sword is pointing upwards, just like her right hand, while she is holding the scale downwards.

The scale balance logic through intuition and the way she is carrying the sword is a statement of resolution and firm decision. The double edge of the blade is a reference to the consequences of our actions. 

Further Elements

The number of this card is 11, as we can see in Roman numbers on the top. The element is air, and the zodiac sign associated with the tarot Justice card is Libra. This is very clear if we consider the scale on her hand, that is also an indication of the need to be impartial.

Concerning her clothing, she is wearing a red robe with a green mantle that is held together by a clasp. Underneath this robe, we can see the tip of a white shoe. This shoe is a symbol of the spiritual consequences of each of our actions.

Finally, the crown over her head contains a small square that refers to our thoughts and our capacity to order them and make sense of everything.

Justice Tarot Meaning

As his own name explains, the meaning of this card is justice, in all senses. In terms of the law, but also concerning the way we assume our actions. Seeing this card on a reading confronts us with the question: are we behaving fairly?

1. Justice Teaching

Maybe there is something that you regret or that you have to take off your chest. It is time to give something in return to compensate for your karma. In this sense, you don’t have to see this card as a warning, but as an opportunity to make amends with your past.

2. Justice Teaching

For those that are seeking justice, this card is a sign that justice will be made. You can be positive about this. The ones that wrong you will pay for it.

But in this case, it is important not to fill yourself with feelings of revenge or think too much about what this person deserves. You just have to know that the forces of the universe will act properly.

3. Justice Teaching

The Justice tarot card can also appear when we are on the edge of an important decision. It helps us not to rush and go through the impact and all the consequences of the choice we make. Not only for us but also for all the persons involved.

4. Justice Teaching

Of course, there is another important element linked to this card, and that is the search for truth. To find the truth, you have to prepare yourself to go beyond your normal understanding.

You have to explore the roads you never took before, even if the outcome is completely different from what you expected.

Reversed Meaning

When this card is reversed, it can be related to guilt. Deep inside, you know that you did something that you were not so proud of. Even if you are the only one who knows what you did because it is a big secret that you kept for yourself.

It is up to you to free yourself from this guilt and come clean with your actions. Perhaps others will not perceive what you did as something that bad. Perhaps the feeling of remorse is because you are so hard on yourself.

However, this will only be clear to you when you start telling the truth. Concerning legal aspects, if you are waiting for a resolution, Justice reversed is not the card that you are expecting.

It can be a sign of legal complications or an outcome that you will not be pleased with.

Even if everything was supposed to be in your favor or that there were enough arguments that support your version, you will be disappointed.

Love Justice Tarot

In terms of love, Karma will smile for you if you are kind and supportive. Emotionally, all the feelings that you invest in others will come back your way. This card is a sign of major balance and fairness in your relationship.

This means that both you and your partner are conscious of the needs of each other. This is a symptom that both of you have reach maturity and see your relationship beyond feelings. You are ready to share the rest of your days with this person.

Of course, this is only the case if you are giving your best. Otherwise, if you are only thinking about yourself and don’t treat the other nicely, don’t be surprised that karma will provide you with a little taste of your own medicine.

In case that the card appears reversed on a love reading, it can be a sign of legal matters coming to your relationship. Maybe a divorce, for example.