Major Arcana: Strength Tarot Card

strength tarot

Described as a card of bravery and compassion, the Strength tarot card is a projection of the immense force that comes from our inside. It is a testimony about how we face problems in our lives and how we fight for our convictions. Because this card is not only about physical strength.

Its meaning goes beyond that. It is a card about having the courage and keeping it all together. About confronting your fears and be able to be a role model for others. It also shows us that brutal force is never the best decision and that there are always more alternatives to win an argument than confrontation.

Card Description

Just like the Magician, in the Strength tarot card, we see a figure with the symbol of infinity above the head. This card is the number eight, and obviously, the zodiac sign it represents is Leo and the element, fire. This card is perhaps one of the simplest in terms of details and archetypes of all the Major Arcana.

On the card, we can observe a woman that holds the jaws of a lion with her bare hands. Even though the card is called strength, her expression is very calm, and she doesn’t appear to make much of an effort to control the beast.

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As we can see, the lion is fully grown and strong. But this doesn’t seem to affect her. But there are other interesting characteristics: 

  • Even though the nature of the lion tells him to offer resistance, she subdues him with love and compassion.
  • The robe that the woman is wearing is white, which is a sign of the purity of her spirit.
  • The crown of her head and her belt are made of flowers.

This is a clear reference to nature, while the mountains on the background are a sign of stability.

So, as you can see, she a pure being that has control over her feelings and, at the same time, is surrounded by an environment in which everything is harmony. Only the figure of the lion is disruptive, especially if we consider that lions are a symbol of passion and desire.

Strength Tarot Card Meaning

In some ways, the meaning of this card has a lot of similarities with the Chariot. Basically, on everything that relates to courage and strength. However, this card goes deeper to put us in contact with our inner strength and our ability to overcome the obstacles that appear in your way.

  • The Strength of Hope  

This card is also supporte on moments of distress and danger. It shows us that there is no sense of losing our mind when a problem is big, or the perspective seems really dark. In such cases, no matter how much we struggle, it is better to keep calm and think clearly to find the best solution. Desperation will bring us nowhere.

  • The Strength of Compassion

We cannot drown in our sorrow and lose sight of what is happening around us. Maybe there is someone that needs our help. Being compassionate and helping others can show us the way to help ourselves.

The Strength tarot also shows us to canalize our emotions and reactions, to be proactive, and generate the strength and energy that we need to go forward. You can even use your fears as a motivation to overcome them. Confronting our fears is a step forward towards evolution.

  • The Strength of Control

This card is also a shield against resentment. If someone is continually trying to get into an argument with you or even a fight, the Strength helps you to control your impulses. This is part of being strong, knowing how to avoid confrontation.

Once you start the road of forgiveness and compassion, you will notice an increase in your inner balance. 

Reversed Meaning of the Strength tarot card

When you see the tarot card Strength in a reading, you can prepare yourself for a little bit of turbulence. Turbulence in terms of feelings. You will start to be confronted with your inner peace and could spend so much time and energy on problems that might not be that relevant.

The shadow of doubt will set all his weight on you. Your confidence will stumble from time to time. You can start feeling a little bit insecure in your relationship with others while making important decisions.  Or maybe you are stuck on situations that simply tend to go out of hand.

But don’t worry, it can be just something temporary, a small phase that you can overcome. However, the impact of reversed Strength will depend on how conscious you are of this situation. If you think that it will remain like that forever, it will probably be longer.

But if you see it as a temporary matter, you will regain the lost confidence. On another level, the reversed Strength warns us about controlling our temper. Maybe it is not clear at the moment, but situations that were irrelevant before could easily bring out the worst in us.

Suddenly, anything can cause irritability. Or make you go from one mood swing to another. In this case, it is very important to channel this sort of anger before we do something that we may regret later. If necessary, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional. Someone that can help you control these feelings.

The Strength of Love

Concerning love, this card unveils a passionate romance. However, this passion can go both ways. It can be in intensity and feelings, but it also can show a bad side, with uncomfortable episodes of jealousy.

There will be love passion, but also a passion for argument. In this case, it is important to let things cool itself and remember the forgiving qualities of the Strength tarot. If you throw more wood into the fire, things can get out of proportion.

Be patient and use gentleness to bring harmony back into the relationship. No matter how heated an argument can get, there is no sense in destroying everything that you both have built.