Major Arcana: The Chariot

the chariot

Seeing the Chariot on a tarot reading can be a sign that everything is going your way. They are good perspectives within the goals that you have set for yourself. This card tells you that you are prepared to go after great achievements and that you most likely will be successful while pursuing them.

The Chariot tarot card

The rolling force of the Chariot will make you go forward. It is all about progressing and trusting your abilities. If you have a project that you’ve been waiting to develop, this is the perfect time to act. The archetype of the warrior coming back from a battle he won is the best inspiration to show the whole world what you are capable of doing.   

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You have to understand that the presence of this card shows us that we can have complete control over the direction that we want to take in life. If not, you could end up with the impression that you could have achieved much more.

Card Description

On this card, we see a man inside a carriage. He is wearing armor and holding a wand on his right hand.

This wand is a symbol that he is controlling the carriage only through the strength of his will power and his mind, without using any reins to drive the vehicle.

He is:

  • a skilled warrior.
  • fear by his enemies.
  • and with a high rank.

His determination gives us the impression that he is constantly going forward, being able to sort any obstacle.

Behind him, we see an old city, with its fortress. Some of the buildings are really high, for the age. The size of the buildings is an indicator of the wealth of the kingdom. Which he probably helped to achieve with his victories.

The number of the Chariot tarot card is seven, and the zodiac sign that it represents is Cancer.

In front of the chariot, we see two sphinxes: one black, and the other one white. The sphinxes are mystical creatures, popular in the ancient Greek tradition. They were known for their human head and his body of a lion. 

On the Chariot, the sphinxes are a symbol of two opposite forces that need to be controlled so that they don’t pull on different directions.

The Celestial Touch

Even if it is not obvious at first, the Chariot tarot card is full of celestial references. Like the blue canopy of stars, the two crescent moons on each shoulder, and the big star above his crow.

The two moons are a sign of the spiritual influence of the person that is controlling the Chariot. The star over his head, together with the laurel crown, is a symbol of evolution, success, and victory.

Another important element on this card is the river behind the Chariot. This river represents the need to let things flow and adapt to the circumstances while not forgetting your goals.

The Chariot Meaning

Concerning the meaning, this card is a real boost of confidence. It will help you find encouragement and determination to go after your dreams. The character is an indicator that you have reached a moment in which you are perfectly capable of taking action of your own decisions.

The Chariot invites you to aim higher and trust your abilities. However, this card is also an invitation to work hard and assume important habits that will take you closer to fulfill your challenges, like for example, discipline.

A passive attitude won’t help you. Especially since the appearance of this card on a tarot reading is a guarantee of success. But only if you put some effort into it.

You have to constantly maintain focus and be constant, even if at times things get hard. The influence of the Chariot tarot and your dedication will show you how to come out stronger from any eventuality.

Other interpretations of the upright Chariot are related to traveling, especially by road.

Reversed Meaning

If the card appears reversed, it is a sign that it is not the right moment to take over big projects.

The importance of being cautious

This card is telling you to be prudent and not to rush into something that could cost you everything you have work hard for.

Maybe it is not the right moment to take some risks. Especially since the motivation that keeps you going is no longer there. However, the lesson of the chariot reversed is not about quitting or letting go of your dreams.

2. Searching a new perspective

It is more about re-evaluating your plans and focus more on what could be the problem that is making everything so complicated.

The Chariot reversed is maybe trying to tell you that you are putting your efforts in the wrong place. You may be losing attention or energy on things that perhaps are not so relevant or that are not helping you to get where you want to go.

3. Knowing when to stop

Sometimes the price of defeat makes us doubt more than we should. The reversed Chariot can be a sign that we are wandering without direction or that we are slowly losing control.

This lack of control can be due to all the efforts and decisions we take to improve our situation. We are trying to control everything, and sometimes, this ends up being counterproductive. 

Chariot love meaning

In terms of love, this card is an invitation to start to take more control and initiative in your love life. Whether it is about finally declared to someone you really have feelings for or improve your relationship, this card is a very good sign.

You have to be confident about yourself and give value to yourself. You have so much to give, and you can bring a lot of joy to those next to you.

However, not everything on this card is positive when it comes to love. The Chariot can also point out the need for a balance between your love life and other aspects of your life.

Is your love life suffering because you are spending too much time at work? Has the relationship with your friends changed because you are more focused on your love life? Or vice versa?

Remember the sphinxes on the card? You have to learn to control two opposite forces to have the balance that you need.