Major Arcana: The Hermit

the hermit tarot

Things will start to go in a new direction with the appearance of the Hermit tarot card. Although the Strength tarot card invites us to discover our inner force, the Hermit is a more complete journey inside of us.

The Hermit tarot card

There is no doubt that this is one of the most introspective cards there is. In a moment where a quest for answers has taken us from one place to another. The Hermit tells us to start our search from within.

The basic concept of the Hermit is:

  • an invitation to enter our own mind.
  • See what is inside of it and understand the reasons that generate our conscious and unconscious decisions.
  • it is a card full of contemplation and with a strong sense of searching for the truth.
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The Hermit is also a statement to accept your own limitations. It is important to know your limits, but without forgetting always to give all.

You need some time to discover all of this, and sometimes you have to distance yourself from any kind of distraction. Even if it is just temporary, it will bring a new light into your life.

Card Description

On this card we see an old man with a long bear, standing on top of a mountain. He is wearing a grey tunic, that he uses to cover his head. Instead of looking to the front, his head is looking down.

On his left hand, he is carrying a staff that he can use to support himself on the bumpy road to the top, where the visibility is not that good. This long staff is a symbol of his authority and strength.

On the right hand, he is holding a lantern. The light of the lantern can serve two purposes. The first, light his path. And the second, as guidance for someone that decides to take his same road.

The light of the lantern comes out of the Seal of Solomon, a star with 6 points that represents wisdom. A virtue that is also indicated by his grey and a long beard.

The number of the Hermit tarot card is nine, the element is earth, and the zodiac sign that rules this card is Virgo.

There is a little bit of desolation connected with the aspect of this card. It takes us to a cold place, surrounded by snow, and no sun, apparently. It is definitively a very unconventional environment. So, why would anyone go there?

Maybe because it is a perfect place to find yourself where the noise is not big, and you can concentrate on things that matter.

The Hermit Tarot Meaning

In our quest for answers, the Hermit invites us to look inside of us to find the knowledge that we need. His message is to isolate ourselves from the noise of the world and focus on what our soul is trying to tell us.

1. The message of the Hermit

This card tells us that there are too many distractions that are keeping us far from the truth. The time has come to rediscover the greatness inside of you. Use your inner light to guide you through the hard moments and take you closer to achieving your goals.

However, there is a clarification to be made. The message of the Hermit tarot card is not to abandon your social life completely or to seek seclusion. It is more about finding and spending some time with yourself.

2. Hermit Purpose

Go inside your mind, to find the peace and balance that can help you think clearer. Sometimes we are so absorbed in the goals that society has set for us in terms of love, money, or career. But are those goals the one that we want to achieve?

We need to stop for a moment to really know and understand what will really make us happy. The appearance of this card on a tarot reading can imply a point of inflection in your life. It announces a new direction that you’ll be ready to take. A more spiritual road that will influence your decisions and priorities.

3. The Hermit Profile

On the other hand, the upright Hermit also announces the appearance of someone in your life that will play a mentor role. Someone that makes you more conscious about the potential inside of you and how to find answers from your own, without anyone telling you what to do.

Reversed Meaning

If you see the Hermit reversed on a tarot reading, it can be a sign that you are too absorbed in your world. You are maybe spending too much time isolated and need to open yourself to others and improve your communication skills.

You are putting a barrier between yourself and the others, which is making it so difficult for others to come closer to you. In this case, it is important to find the right balance and be able to have the time for yourself, but also to be able to share your life with others.

On another level, the reversed Hermit can indicate a lack of connecting with yourself. You may be able to distance yourself from the world but are not able to concentrate on yourself. Your mind is too busy on so many things that you are unable to focus and connect to your spiritual self. 

The Hermit in Love

In terms of love, the Hermit proposes us to take a small pause and spend some time alone. It will only be momentaneous, and this time will help us to know ourselves better and be capable of starting a relationship that will last and will be stronger. 

Even if you may feel lonely during this time, think of it as a process that will allow you to create deeper bonds with someone.

If you are already in a relationship, the Hermit tarot card is a sign that both you and your partner are going through a phase of self-exploration. This can be something painful at the beginning, but it can help you to renew your love for each other and take you to a new stage in your relationship.