Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

Related with luck and Karma, the Wheel of fortune is a change of fate that marks a turning point in our destiny. The wheel of fortune announces the beginning of a new life cycle that can be extremely positive or negative, depending on the cards that surround this card. 

the Wheel of fortune

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card has a special function of enhancing the other cards. It gives them a more significant connotation and emphasizes the meaning or consequences of the cards on a draw.

Another particularity of this card, if we compare it, for example, with the Fool or the Magician, is that the central figure is not a character. Instead, the main role is portrayed by an object. An object that we cannot control since its outcome is entirely random.

Card Description

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is perhaps one of the most symbolic cards that you can see. It is full of mystical creatures of all kinds. It is set in heaven, in an intense blue sky, partially covered by four dense clouds.   

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On the center of the card, we can see a giant wheel. It is the wheel of the Roman goddess Fortuna. Inside the wheel, we can see many letters and symbols. The easiest to recognize are the letters on each of the cardinal points.

  • North, we see a T.
  • East, there is an A.
  • South, shows an R.
  • And West, we see an O.

These are all letters that can we see on the word “Tarot.” However, this is not the only word that can be formed with these letters. At least phonetically.

If you do the circle in the other direction, you can read “Tora.” The Torah, a word with many meanings, but that can be primarily associated with some books of the Hebrew Bible or the Hebrew Law

But this is not the only reference to Hebrew tradition. Next to the Latin script, we can see four Hebrew letters: the YHVN, that reproduce the unpronounceable name of God (Yahweh).

Finally, in the middle of the wheel, we find the symbols for mercury, water, salt, and Sulphur, used in alchemy.  

The Influence of Egypt

Gravitating next to the Wheel of fortune, we can appreciate three figures. On top, we can see a blue sphinx, similar to the ones that appear on the Chariot card. But in this case, the sphinx is holding a sword. The sphinx represents strength and knowledge.

Below and to the right, there is a kind of red demon figure. This is a representation of Anubis, the Egyptian god from the underworld. He is famous for watching over the souls of the dead.

And completing the trilogy, to the left, we see a descending yellow snake. This snake represents the Egyptian god of chaos.

The Role of the Zodiac

If we look back on the previous cards of the Major Arcana, we might jump to the conclusion that the zodiac sign represented on this card is Libra. However, this logic doesn’t apply to this card. The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t have anything to do with Libra. 

Even if the card number IX, the Hermit, was Virgo. The X, which is the number of this card, does not continue with the order of signs that started with the Emperor (Aries). 

Instead, this card contains references to four different signs: Leo (the lion), Taurus (the bull), Scorpio (the eagle), and Aquarius (the angel). 

Each one of these signs is portrayed with the creatures that appear on each corner, reading on the clouds. They all have two things in common. First, they all have wings. And the second, they are all reading a book. 

The book in question is the Torah, which is referenced once again on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card as a symbol of wisdom.   

Wheel of Fortune Meaning

Based on the constant changes that we experience in life, this card is an apology to how easy our existence can vary from one situation to another. The Wheel of Fortune tarot card announces new cycles. It is a sign that we have to prepare for a big change.

Wheel of fortune for Success

In general, this card is very positive. If you are going through a hard time, luck will come to the rescue. Whenever there is a closed door, a new one will open.

But only if you are a loving person that makes efforts to help others. The reason for this is the connection with Karma. Your luck will be related to your actions.

The force of  the Wheel

On the other hand, fighting the effects of the Wheel of Fortune is a lost cause. Even if you already have the stability that you were looking for, there is nothing that can block the significant change coming your way.

Fighting the fear of Changes

The important thing is to know how to adapt quickly to new situations and be positive about the possible changes that will arrive. Even if you are unfamiliar with a situation like this, there is always room for improvement.

Reversed Meaning

Unfortunately, the Wheel of Fortune reversed announces a small setback on your plans. There is a perception that this card will bring no luck. Perhaps, there are negative forces that are surrounding you, so you clearly need to stay away from any bad influence.

On another level, this card is a sign that you are resisting too much the changes that destiny has in store for you. You are fighting them, instead of letting things run its own course.

Opposing these changes can be too stressful for you. Even if you do it unconsciously, this resistance is an unnecessary weight over your shoulders.

However, not everything has to be negative with the Wheel of Fortune reversed. This card also has a positive side. It can be a sign that you are finally breaking a negative cycle that was a constant in your life. By breaking this cycle, you are showing that you are ready for new and better things to enter into your life.