Major Arcana: Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune

Related with luck and Karma, the Wheel of fortune is a change of fate that marks a turning point in our destiny. The wheel of fortune announces the beginning of a new life cycle that can be extremely positive or negative, depending on the cards that surround this card.  the Wheel of fortune The Wheel […]
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Major Arcana: Justice Tarot Card

justice tarot

Fill with honesty and truth; the Justice tarot card embodies a fundamental concept for our society. Without justice, and without assuming our own mistakes, we can never progress. But this card is much more than doing the right thing or confronting someone with its deeds. It goes beyond that. Beyond the institution. It is about the […]
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Major Arcana: The Hanged Man Tarot

the hanged man tarot

When things get complicated, it is better to distance yourself from the situation, in order to find an objective solution. This is basically the lesson that the Hanged Man tarot card is trying to teach us. The Hanged Man Tarot If you are in a jam, insisting on going in one direction can make things […]
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Major Arcana: Death Tarot Card

death tarot

The first reaction associated with the Death Tarot Card is fear. However, it is better not to take the name of this card literally. This card doesn’t mean physical death or that a tragedy will happen. It is more related to evolution and starting a new life. This card announces the end of a cycle. […]
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Major Arcana : The Empress

the empress tarot

None other card is related to motherhood as the Empress tarot card. In fact, the archetype surrounding this card is Mother Nature in all its splendor. There is a revitalizing energy glowing from this major arcana that will fill you with inspiration and creativity.  The Empress tarot card This card has the properties of healing […]
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Major Arcana: The Emperor

the emperor

As a symbol of power and authority, the Emperor tarot card gathers all the good qualities that a good ruler should have. Seeing this card during a reading can be interpreted in several ways. If the Emperor is related to someone in your life, it will be referring to a father figure who can bring a […]
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Major Arcana: The Hierophant


The name Hierophant is probably one that you can only associate with tarot. This is because it comes from the Greek. This card is based on a kind of spiritual or religious guide. That is why this card is also known as the Pope.   The Hierophant tarot card The meaning of this card is, of […]
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Major Arcana : The Lovers

the lovers

Is this card only about love? Or are the lovers also a card that can help you outside relationships? The answer is yes, and no. The card is mostly about subjects of the heart.  But there are also elements of communication, or about how we interact with people close to us. The Lovers tarot card […]
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Major Arcana: The Chariot

the chariot

Seeing the Chariot on a tarot reading can be a sign that everything is going your way. They are good perspectives within the goals that you have set for yourself. This card tells you that you are prepared to go after great achievements and that you most likely will be successful while pursuing them. The […]
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Major Arcana: Strength Tarot Card

strength tarot

Described as a card of bravery and compassion, the Strength tarot card is a projection of the immense force that comes from our inside. It is a testimony about how we face problems in our lives and how we fight for our convictions. Because this card is not only about physical strength. Its meaning goes beyond […]
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