Major Arcana: The Hermit

the hermit tarot

Things will start to go in a new direction with the appearance of the Hermit tarot card. Although the Strength tarot card invites us to discover our inner force, the Hermit is a more complete journey inside of us. The Hermit tarot card There is no doubt that this is one of the most introspective […]
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Major Arcana: The High Priestess

high priestess

Starting from the High Priestess, the tarot starts to get a more feminine touch. This card is a symbol of intuition, in a sense in which we begin unveiling things thanks to our experience and what our senses tell us. The High Priestess tarot card The High Priestess has a strong connection with awareness and […]
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Major Arcana: The Magician

the magician tarot

If we consider the figures of the tarot as pieces of a story, the Magician tarot is the first contact with wisdom. Making things happen, the Magician gives us other choices and paths that we never noticed before. The Magician tarot card With this card, we are no longer prisoners of our reality, but we […]
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Major Arcana: The Fool

the fool tarot

Don’t let its name fool you. There is nothing foolish about the fool tarot. This card is all about the excitement of life and adventure. And it is especially welcome for those that are expecting a big change in their life. Or that are waiting for something new and great to happen.     The Fool Tarot […]
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The Many Faces of the Arcana


The evolution of the arcana Tarot Cards through history is undeniable. However, no matter how many changes there are, the essence of these cards remains. They represent all the movements in our spiritual journey, our solid ground, or the projection of the life that we dream of. In a sense, the arcana Cards are an […]
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2020 Year of the Rat

year of the rat

A cycle was closed in 2019 and now it is the beginning of a new one with the Year of the Rat. Just like  Aries is the first Zodiac sign, the Rat is the first animal in the Chinese zodiac, which is composed of 12 signs, all of them represented by a different animal that […]
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Lost something? Try dowsing


Clairvoyance and divinatory arts have been used for centuries to find something lost. But what you don’t know is that you can put this very simple form of divination into practice… The basic principle of dowsing Dowsing is an ancestral method designed to detect matter in general. Originally, this method was only used to find […]
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Geobiology and its influences at home


This fascinating science referred to as geobiology makes it possible for us to better know our environment and the invisible influences it has on our health and wellbeing. So let’s explore them… All places are filled with influence Whoever you may be, wherever you may live, you cannot escape it… You are under the geobiological […]
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“Happiness is often the only thing that one can give without having it, and it is in giving it that one acquires it.”   Voltaire   True happiness is to be found in the sincere desire to share moments of happiness, although you may not be happy. True happiness will spontaneously spread through you once […]
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Friday 13th, the reasons of the superstition

friday 13th

Whether you believe in the power of Friday 13th or not, you might find this date to be intriguing. It leaves no one indifferent. Some fear it while others look forward to it. But how could this superstition be explained? A belief with deep roots The mystery in which Friday 13th is shrouded dates back […]
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