Major Arcana: The High Priestess

high priestess

Starting from the High Priestess, the tarot starts to get a more feminine touch. This card is a symbol of intuition, in a sense in which we begin unveiling things thanks to our experience and what our senses tell us.

The High Priestess tarot card

The High Priestess has a strong connection with awareness and can help us to be more in touch with our subconscious mind. 

Card Description

For those that are intrigued by the meaning of this card, it will be impossible to deny the tribute to the divine feminine in the High Priestess. In her, you can sense traces of many famous archetypes of women like:

  • Artemis.
  • Minerva.
  • Isis.
  • or Penelope, among others.
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She is sitting on a cubic stone, and at the top, you can see the number two in roman numbers. The two are a symbol of duality that is present on this card with the two pillars that are on her sides.

One black and the other white. The pillars come from Solomon’s Temple, and they are marked with two letters. B for Boaz, the Pillar of strength, and J for Jachin, the Pillar of the establishment.

The pillars are also a metaphor for two opposite forces: night and day, left and right, good and evil, positive and negative, or feminine and masculine.  

The position of the High Priestess between both pillars is a sign of her role as a mediator. She is a point of balance, where both sides meet. In a sense, the High Priestess tarot teaches us that the difference between good and bad depends only on our perspective of life.

But this does not guarantee that there is an absolute truth about which side is the correct. You have to find the pros and cons and make sure that your actions are not only positive for you, but for other people too. The idea is to free yourself form a polarized mind.

The Influence of the Moon

The other important elements that are present on this card are the sun and the moon. The first in the form of the solar cross and the second, at the bottom, direct at her feet.

However, it is important to point out that the crescent moon is considerably bigger in comparison to the solar cross. This is because the crescent moon on this card is a symbol of the connection of the high priestess tarot with the divine feminine.

The placement of the moon also reflects conviction and control over the emotions. The High Priestess is a sort of guardian of Greater Law, which explains why on her hands, we can see a scroll with the Tora.

High Priestess Meaning

The High Priestess upright meaning is basically related to our inner knowledge, whether it is something that someone else has taught us or the knowledge that we have gain through experience.

1. The Power from Within

This is the reason why this card is full of intuition because it tells us to trust our knowledge and find the answers from within. Especially if we feel unsure and are slave about the opinion of others.

This card is an invitation to meditate, to go deep in your subconscious mind. Her road is one of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. She is telling us to make use of our intuitive sense.

2. Trust your Feelings

But remember it is not about improvising for improvising. It is more about finding quick solutions based on what our gut is telling us. Trusting your gut and adding all the factors is the key to develop your intuition.

If your sixth sense is telling you that something is not right, then listen to it. This is a sign that you have to assume responsibilities and that you have to make important decisions in your life. Or at least have the last word.

3. The Feminine Archetype

If you are a man, the High Priestess is inviting you to be more in touch with your feminine side through compassion, intuition, empathy, and practical wisdom. Don’t be afraid to try this.

For women, the High Priestess tarot is a reaffirmation of embracing the divine feminine archetype. It is an invitation to feel more intensely, instead of closing yourself to your thoughts.

Let the feminine energies flow inside of you, adopting a posture that nothing can bring you down.

Reversed meaning

The reversed High Priestess can be a symptom of the problems you have to listen to your intuition. If you continuously doubt your opinion or you think that you will always be wrong, this card is a warning to start changing these habits.

Stop being dependent on the opinion of others.

If you stop listening to your voice and repress your feeling, sooner or later, everything will explode. Manifesting what is inside of you is something that can bring you so much joy.

Especially if you have the feeling of disconnection with yourself and that there is a lack of center in your life.

Having the reversed High Priestess in a draw can also be a sign of gossip. Or that there is so much noise going on behind your back. Be careful not to give all your trust to someone that is having a hidden agenda. 

In Terms of Love

In relationships, the High Priestess prophecy is a call to show your feelings to the world. There is so much boiling inside, that it is time to exteriorize it bit by bit.

And this part is important because this card advises you to take your time for this and be patient, following your intuition. Honesty is very important, not only with others but also with yourself. Honesty can make a relationship strong.

The High Priestess stands for intense connections of the souls. It is about deeper connections.

In a love reading, the reversed High Priestess can be a sign that you are ignoring your intuition. This may bring you some difficulties if you are only following your conscious mind.

The High Priestess love meaning is telling you that you have to let go and express the feelings that you have inside.

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