the moon tarot

Few cards are a mirror of the soul as the Moon tarot card. The Moon makes us face our fears, not only with what scares us. When we are out of balance and anxiety is taking over, this card can show us an alternative.

The problem here is knowing how to distinguish what is real and what is an illusion. Especially since there is an element of duplicity with the Moon. This card exposes two possibilities, two different ways. It is the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious.

Moon tarot card

The Moon tarot card is a sign that we are not playing with open cards. There is too much going on below the surface. Like uncertainty and secrets that can turn into a heavy load.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a state of confusion that can make you feel as if you are losing your mind. There is a lot that can be learned from The Moon Tarot Card.

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Perhaps, this can be related to the shadow of dreams present on the Moon. Because with this card:

  • the meaning of your dreams acquires more relevance.
  • whether it is the dreams that you have while your sleeping or your daydreaming, there is no difference.

Both of them can help you understand more about your situation and the direction you have to take. Even if you can’t clearly deduce what the dreams are trying to tell you, there is an important message behind them. 

The good news is that under the spell of the Moon, you will learn to rely more and more on your intuition. Your senses will get wider and you’ll be able to trust your instincts blindly. Intuition will be your secret weapon to face new challenges.

Card Description

As if it was a dream that you lived before, you will find something very familiar on the Moon tarot card. At least something that you have already seen on the journey of the Major Arcana.

This has a perfect explanation. If we look at a corner of the Death tarot card, on the back, you will recognize the Moon. At least from another perspective and in a different moment of the day.

On the Death tarot card, we see two grey towers and setting sun in the middle. On the Moon we see the same towers but closer. Above the towers, we see a moon, with a feminine face inside.

The moon is shining and full of rays that bring light to the night sky. The two towers represent the opposing forces of good and evil. The towers are not the only element of duplicity on the card.

Below, in the grass field, we can see a dog and a wolf howling at the moon. As you know, these are two animals that are related. On the Moon tarot, one represents civilization and the consequences of being tamed.

The wolf, on the contrary, represents the wild side and rough nature.

Finally, coming out of the water, we see a crayfish. This is a symbol of the different stages of consciousness. As we can see, the crayfish is starting the long path that heads towards the mountains.

The crayfish is connected to the zodiac sign of this card: Pisces, and also to the element: Water. Concerning the number of the card, this is card number eighteen.

The Moon Tarot Meaning

As mentioned before, this card relates to the struggle between reality and our imagination. It is about coming into good terms with your suppressed emotions.

It can be that you are still dragging mixed feelings or traumas from the past. Apparently, they will not leave completely, and they come again and again to hunt you.

When you see this card on a draw, it is a sign that there is something that is making you anxious and unable to focus. In such moments, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts or even in your dreams.

1. Moon Teaching

In a sense, the Moon tarot card is warning us that we are living an illusion. Sometimes we might be deceived by appearances, but there is much more under the surface. Fortunately, the Moon can help us throw some light on the matter.

2. Moon Teaching

This card is related to intuition and is lesson is to show us how to use your instincts. Intuition is very important not to rush in your decisions and to trust your gut feeling. It is the best way to see beyond the illusion.

3. Moon Teaching

The other meaning of this card is related to dreams. The moon tells us to pay more attention to what we are dreaming of. The reason for this is that perhaps we are missing some vital information that sometimes is hidden in our dreams.

You have to think that our dreams can be the key to unlock our subconscious mind. This is none other, than the place where you can find the missing answers.

Reversed Meaning

When you see this card reversed, this is normally a sign of confusion. Despite your efforts, it is very hard to see the results of your work. There are too many doubts about to hunting you. This can lead to unhappiness and insecurity.

On the other hand, the Moon reversed can also mean that the dark times are over. You went through difficult moments, but you are slowly freeing yourself from all your fears. You are ready to face a new period of your life. All the repressed emotions are finally going out. You have taken a big weight off your shoulders.

Finally, the Moon reversed can mean that big secrets and lies will be exposed. It is better to come clean and tell the truth before others find out the hard way.