Major Arcana: The Star Tarot Card

the star tarot

If the Tower was one of the most negative cards, the Star tarot card is one of the most positive. This card is a fresh air of hope and of renewing energy. It is related to faith and spirituality. The star can help you find the purpose of your actions, or even further, the purpose of your life.

THE Star tarot card

This card is not about starting from zero or big changes. It is about letting the rejuvenating forces do their job. If you have been struggling, you can feel free to dream and hope for something better.

Just remember that this card is a sign that the universe is on your side. The influence of this card invites you to be positive and make the best out of every situation.

There will be new possibilities coming your way, but you have to find the right motivation to go after your goals.

You will enter a period of calm, that will let you make big plans for the future. You will have the stability and peace of mind to start new projects and see how they slowly take form.

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Card Description

On the Star tarot, we can see a woman pouring water with two jugs into a small pond and the other, to the earth. She is doing this while she is kneeling, with her knee on the ground and the other foot in the water.

The woman is wearing no clothes, as a metaphor for being pure and vulnerable. The jug on her left hand represents the subconscious, while the jug on the right is the conscious. The reason why she is pouring water is to nourish the cycle of fertility.

The five rivulets formed while she is pouring water onto dry land are a reference to the five senses. On the other hand, there is also a meaning behind the position of each foot. The foot inside the water represents intuition and her spiritual abilities.

The other foot, the one that is on the ground, shows her practical abilities and good judgment.

The Background and the Sign

Concerning the background, we see a tree up in a small mountain and a red ibis bird standing on one of the branches.

This kind of birth is associated with the Egyptian God Thoth and in this card is a reference to something that will be revealed about the future.

Behind, we can also see 7 white stars and a big yellow star. The small stars are the chakras and the big one, her essence. If you look closer, you will notice that all the stars in the card are octagrams (with eight angles).

  • The number of the card is the seventeen.
  • The sign that corresponds to the Star tarot card is Aquarius.
  • The element is air.

The Star Tarot Meaning

The Star Tarot announces a peaceful phase in your life, full of inner stability and renewed energy. More than ever, you will feel like you are one with the universe and all of its blessings. An era of faith and hope will come, providing you with all the spiritual force that you need.

You will have the impression that you are closer to your dreams, as you approach a new perspective of your own image. Like the main character of the Start tarot card, you will have the opportunity to be in touch with your core essence. So, don’t be afraid to rediscover yourself or to try to push your limits.   

1. Star Teaching

On the other hand, the upright meaning of this card can also be a sign of having a generous spirit. It is a confirmation of the power of sharing and giving, without expecting nothing in return.

2. Star Teaching

The value of seeing how you can transform people’s lives will be enough reward for you. Especially since you will have more time to help others, instead of spending time trying to rescue yourself.

3. Star Teaching

If you were going through a difficult time, this card is a sign that the struggle is over. It was a hard period, but it made you stronger. Now, you will be able to accept new challenges and avoid unnecessary risks.

4. Star Teaching

Finally, this card is also related to creativity and an artistic sense. So, if you have any hidden talents, don’t keep them to yourself. It is time to show it to the world.

Reversed Meaning

When this card is reversed, the feeling is completely opposite. Suddenly, you can feel abandoned by the universe. Anything that you try, ends up being a failure. As if someone was plotting against you.

But this feeling may only be in your head. Probably because you lost some faith and now, everything seems so hard. In this case, it is important not to give up. Failure can be hard, but you have the potential to change your situation.

In another sense, this card can also represent a test of faith that you have to go through. Everything that you believe in, will be put into question.

This can lead to a feeling of disengagement, from which it will be harder to find inspiration.

Your daily activities will surely suffer from this. Especially, because you will have the impression that you are stuck on a senseless routine. But instead of falling into self-pity, you should try to understand what the universe is trying to tell you.

The Universe is urging you to spend some time on yourself. To listen to your body and to your spirit. The more you ignore this call, the bigger the problem will get. Take some time out to take care of yourself and to purify your spirit.   

In terms of work, the Star tarot card can be an indication that your negativity is affecting your performance.

Perhaps you were having too many expectations about what you want to achieve, and the outcome has not been as expected. But you have to understand that negativity will take you nowhere. It is better to go step by step.