Receive the Answers to Your Questions from a Yes No Oracle

yes no oracle

Although it is more common to seek guidance from the Tarot cards when you are looking for insightful answers to burning questions, you can also rely on the cards when you just need a yes or no answer. The yes no oracle can give you an answer quickly so you can choose the best course of action.

Some Tarot readers dislike this method, simply because the future is not predetermined, and you can shape it and change it with your thoughts and actions. Nevertheless, you can still learn about the possible outcomes of your choices with a yes or no oracle. Let’s look at how you can use the cards to find your answers.

Asking questions in a yes or no oracle

It might seem very clear and obvious how you can ask oracle yes or no. You simply choose a question that can be answered with one of those two responses. But things are not always this simple.

For the Tarot cards to give you the most accurate answer, you need to have clarity about your question. Besides, you should not try to look into the thoughts or intentions of others, because cards can only read your energies. So, instead of asking, “Will my crush ask me out on a date?” ask instead: “If my crush asks me on a date, should I go?”

Tarot cards interpret your future, but they cannot tell you the exact events that will happen because you create your own destiny. Your future can change at any time based on the choices you make and the things you do.

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In a yes-no oracle, try to avoid difficult life questions and focus instead on smaller, situational issues like going on a trip, meeting someone, going for a job interview, and so on. Be specific and focus on the aspects of your life instead of trying to figure out the fate of the world around you.

How to determine the cards in yes no oracle

Tarot readers have different ways in which they interpret the answers as a yes or a no. Some techniques are more common than others, but it all comes down to the reader is comfortable with the method they chose. Here is how you can decide what answer your cards give when you ask oracle yes or no.

Upright or reverse

The easiest way to decide which cards will give a positive answer and which a negative one is to split the deck in half and turn one of the halves in a reverse position, then shuffle the deck.

If during the reading, a yes or no fortune teller pulls out the card in the upright position, the answer is yes, and it is a no if the card pulled is in the reverse position.

Depending on the card itself, you can also get more context to your question. For example, you asked if you should go on a date and drew a reverse Four of Pentacles card. A reverse position means a no, but you can also interpret the card itself as postponing the date for later instead of canceling it.

Yes or no answer with aces

Another easy way to find out the answer to the question is by performing a yes-no oracle using aces. Concentrate on your question and shuffle your deck very well while you are thinking about it. After you are done, deal the cards counting until you reach 39. Stop and look at the cards you have dealt with.

If you do not have any aces among the 39 cards, then the answer to your question is no. If you have only one, the result is not favorable, and to give you equal chances to either fail or make things go your way. Three aces stand for a favorable response while having four is a definite yes. For more interpretation of the answer, you can see the cards surrounding the aces.

Meaning of cards in yes no oracle

More advanced Tarot readers decide on the yes or no meaning of the card based on the nature of the card itself. For example, The Star and The Pope are positive cards, while The Tower and Devil are negative cards. In this technique, the meanings of the cards are decided in advance.

This technique is more difficult because the reader must know the cards and their interpretations very well since during the reading he or she needs to concentrate on the question instead of trying to remember the meanings of the cards.

When you ask oracle yes no in this way, the meaning of the card can help you interpret your answer in more detail than just getting a yes or no response.

Being a yes or no fortune teller

Knowing how to define the meanings of the Tarot cards and how to interpret them goes a long way if you want to be a yes or no fortune teller. Although there are still some things you should keep in mind for a yes-no oracle:

  • Trust the cards, even if you do not like what they have told you. Believe in your intuition and your energies that communicate with the Tarot to give you this answer.
  • Know that the answers are only given to a certain question, so getting a “no” instead of a yes does not translate into a bad fortune in your future. With time, you influence your own destiny and your future will change too.
  • Always ask specific questions from the cards. The Tarot read your energy, so if your question is unclear in your mind, you are not likely to get an accurate response to what is bothering you.
  • Be positive while performing a Tarot reading. Clear your mind and focus on the question so negative energies cannot interfere with your reading.

Yes-no oracle is a perfect way for you to understand what is awaiting you. Even if you are a beginner in the Tarot reading, a yes or no oracle is a good way to practice. Ask the right questions and trust your intuition, so you can clear all the doubts you have in your mind.