Major Arcana: The Devil Tarot Card

the devil tarot

As we enter deeper into the Major Arcana, we can be more conscious about the light and shadow aspects of the tarot. The Devil tarot card is a darker version of another card. It has almost the same elements but transformed.

Depending on many factors, the meaning of the Devil is not encouraging. But you have to consider everything, like when the card comes out or the context of your life.

You may think that it is about something negative, but in fact, the Devil tarot card is trying to point out something different.    

The Devil tarot card

This card puts us in contact with temptation, with our weaknesses. Lets us have a look in our darkest self, but only to drag you back into the light. The main idea is to show you what is holding you back to find the best version of yourself again.

On the other hand, this card can also be related to sexuality and the different pleasures of the flesh. It can be an invitation to explore this area and try to fulfill your wild fantasies.  

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Card Description

Just like the Lovers tarot card, the Devil card has a similar disposition. In both cards, we see superior being on the back and two persons below. A woman and a man. Both of them wearing no clothes.

But while in the Lovers the man and the woman are free and have a normal aspect. In the Devil, the two humans are transformed. They have horns and tails, and they are trapped.

From their neck, we see the two chains used to tight them to a podium. However, if we look closer, we can notice that the chains are a little bit loose. This is a way of saying that they can easily free themselves from these chains.

The other big difference between Lovers and the Devil tarot is the light. In one, we see a sunny day, and on the other, we see complete darkness. As if darkness has the power of distorting everything.

The zodiac sign connected to this card is Capricorn and the element: fire. The number of the card is fifteen. 

The Role of the Devil

A big part of the impact of this card is the figure on the back. It is clearly the dominant character. Not only because of his size. But also because of his presence.

In history, there have been many ways to portray the Devil. Sometimes we see it as a red demon with small horns and others, like in this card, his appearances are more like a mixture of a human and a goat.

In the Devil Tarot card, we see it with a hand raised and the other lowered, holding a torch. He is like a cross of different animals:

  • his legs are from a goat.
  • his feet are from a harpy.
  • and he has bat wings.

The fact that the pair have horns shows the influence that the Devil has over them. He is inside their thoughts and has control over their actions. We can also see this on their tails.

The man has a tail that is on flames, and the woman has a tail that ends with grapes. This is a sign of vanity, need for power, and the addiction to the finer things in life.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

This card invites us to think ahead and not fall for instant gratification. We may be wrapped in a vicious circle. Doing things mainly based on pleasure and satisfaction when we lost track of the bigger picture.

1. Devil Teaching

The Devil tarot card connects us directly to our darker side. Although it doesn’t mean that we become evil, it is more like we are lost in negative habits that don’t let us reach our full potential. To the point in which we even forget some of our deepest dreams and aspirations.

2. Devil Teaching

We might be stuck on the feeling that we cannot overcome our problems. That everything is worse than we think. We see no solution, and we believe that we can hide everything under the carpet. Some even reach the point that prefers other distractions, instead of facing reality.

3. Devil Teaching

There is a good side to the Devil tarot. First, this card is telling us that no matter how bad the situation can be, there is always a way out. And this the point that the card wants to make. However, it is also very important that we recognize that there is a problem. And sometimes, this is the harder part.

4. Devil Teaching

Going to a more positive side to the Devil, this card is related to your sexuality. It brings out your wild instincts and be more open to new experiences. The Devil pushes you to go after your deepest fantasies because they will help you grow as a person.

Reversed Meaning

When you draw this card reversed, this means the urge of freedom. The Devil reversed is calling you to free yourself from everything that is holding you back. It tells us not to be a slave form appearances and limitations.

We got to free ourselves from everything that is controlling us:

  • a toxic relationship.
  • bad habits.
  • or any self-destructive tendency. Especially when we think that we are close to our big breakthrough.

The reversed Devil can also be related to secrecy. For those who make too much effort to hide their real identity or that are tormented by their deeper and darkest thoughts. And while it is good to have a wild side, sometimes it can be very stressful to live a lie that each time gets bigger and bigger.

In such cases, it can be very convenient to find someone to share this information with. You don’t have to carry the weight by yourself, and there is always someone that will not judge you for what you feel.

This can be the most effective way to gain control over some of the emotions that were blocking your inner balance.