An introduction to Tarot Cards

tarot cards

The aspects of each card may change, but the essence is the same. Tarot Cards are the mirror of humanity. Not only as a reflection of our past history but also as a clear parallel of modern times.

In each of the figures of the tarot, you can recognize pieces of you, of the places and people that surround you. But how to give a sense to all of it?

The structure of the tarot

Normally, there are 78 cards on a normal tarot deck, each with a different form. But there is something that can also distinguish one from another and that is the arcana. The more you start studying the tarot, the more you will see the groups and subdivisions that we can find in tarot cards.

You can see it as hierarchies or families of cards, but the divisions are simple and very logical. Nothing is random, on the contrary, the structure of the cards is in complete harmony with the tarot card meanings.

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The main division is the major and minor arcana.

  • With 22 Major Arcana Cards, that are composed by the archetypes of the tarot, and 56 Minor Arcana Cards, with the figures that you can normally see on a normal deck of cards.  
  • The tarot cards inside the Minor Arcana contain 16 Court Cards, like the King, the Queen, the Prince, and the Pages of 4 different suits. The rest of the cards covers from the number 1 until 10 of each of the suits: wands, pentacles, swords, and cups.

Beyond the tarot cards

This is more or less the composition of the deck, but what can you do with these cards? The answer is simple: many things. A tarot card reading is like a projection of your life, a door to your soul, and an important lesson on how to perceive your environment.

In the tarot, you will find inspiration and it will help you to develop new skills to grow as a person. But this is not all. Tarot cards will also warn you about potential risks or people that will surely be happy to see you fail.

The secret to a good reading

The experience of a tarot card reading can fulfill many of the answers you have been looking for. It is all about finding the bridge between your experience and the card or the cards that you have in front of you.

The tarot card meaning can change depending on many factors: the order in which it came out, the cards that appear on the draw, and the direction. If it is reversed or not.

The other key is not to be stuck on the first impression. You may think that a card is negative at first, but if you think deeper you can start to understand why the card is there and what is the real meaning.

Once you acknowledge this, you will achieve a new perspective on how to read tarot cards.

The faces of the Tarot

Among the tarot cards list, you will surely feel a special bond with the characters of the major arcana. This is because these cards tell the story of a journey. From pure innocence until reaching maturity and wisdom.

It is the tale of a process that transforms our souls. It is easy to relate to this journey and as a matter of fact, this is what makes tarot cards universal.

No wonder why these cards have remained relevant all this time.

Empires have fallen, kings and queens have been forgotten, but these cards continue to be essential in our lives.

Nowadays, there are many variations of the tarot. With a different deck, but the original form or at least the original characters are the ones that you can recognize everywhere.

Connecting with tarot

If you feel attracted to tarot or you have had a nice experience with tarot, don’t worry if it turns to a habit. Using the tarot will widen your sense. But you may ask yourself how many you should consult it?

Or who is the right person to perform a tarot reading on you?

What Questions to Ask

Well, for experience, I can tell you that there is no limit to tarot. You can ask the cards small things or use them to set a plan of life.

Where to go to get a reading?

There are many places where you can get a free tarot reading. You can even learn the notions on how to perform a reading on yourself or on someone from your family.

The more practice you get, the more level of accuracy you will achieve.

How to be prepared?

The skills needed for a tarot reading can be developed. And they are not only fun, but they are also life-changing. For this, you have to reach your inner wisdom and make a deep connection with your higher self.

Once you take the first step, the others will come naturally.