How to use a crystal ball

Boule de crystal

Crystal balls arouse fascination because we tend to picture them between the hands of a medium predicting the future through the mist of mystery. Unlike what many think, crystal balls can also be used by people other than mediums and clairvoyants… Crystallomancy using a crystal ball for the first time Crystallomancy is a divinatory art […]
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Major Arcana: Death Tarot Card

death tarot

The first reaction associated with the Death Tarot Card is fear. However, it is better not to take the name of this card literally. This card doesn’t mean physical death or that a tragedy will happen. It is more related to evolution and starting a new life. This card announces the end of a cycle. […]
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The Knight of Cups Tarot Card – What Does it Mean?

knight of cups

Tarot cards are a powerful spiritual and astrological tool for learning more about our place in the universe. A standard Tarot card deck contains 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Interpretation plays a major role in understanding the meaning behind a Tarot card reading, but this also applies to each […]
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Major Arcana: The Sun Tarot Card

the sun tarot

When you are doing a reading and you see the Sun tarot card, you can be really satisfied. This card us all about joy, happiness, and optimism. It shows us a bright future, where there is a lot of space for fulfilling your dreams. In another context, the Sun is trying to tell us to […]
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Major Arcana: Temperance Tarot Card


Consider as one of the most important virtues; Temperance is all about self-control and moderation. As a tarot card, Temperance relates to patience, making compromises, and finding a sense of our actions.  When we go out of our path, this is the card that helps us get back on track. Temperance gives us balance and fills […]
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A Beginner’s Guide to the Mercury Retrograde

mercury retrograde

Within astrology, we often hear about planets going into retrograde. The most common example of this is the Mercury retrograde, and it’s often given as an explanation for why things just don’t seem to be working out quite right. But what is Mercury retrograde? When is Mercury in retrograde in 2020 and 2021? Is Mercury […]
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Major Arcana: The Devil Tarot Card

the devil tarot

As we enter deeper into the Major Arcana, we can be more conscious about the light and shadow aspects of the tarot. The Devil tarot card is a darker version of another card. It has almost the same elements but transformed. Depending on many factors, the meaning of the Devil is not encouraging. But you […]
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Discover Your Personality Number

numerology calculator

One of the important numbers in numerology reading is your personality number. It is calculated using the consonants in your first name and is a way to predict the energies you will be sending out into the universe and the energies you will attract. If you are not sure that you are doing it correctly, […]
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Free online astrology reading

free astrology reading

We all know the meaning of astrology – it is related to the movements of the celestial bodies which have an impact on the lives of human beings and the natural world. But, do you know about astrology reading and what a free astrology reading is? How it is linked to you and your life […]
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judgement tarot

Focused on resolutions and outcomes, the Judgement tarot card unveils important conclusions about a specific situation. In a way, we can see it as closing a chapter in our life, while putting all its effects on a balance. It is up to you how things end. It can be positive or negative. But if it […]
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