Major Arcana : The Empress

the empress tarot

None other card is related to motherhood as the Empress tarot card. In fact, the archetype surrounding this card is Mother Nature in all its splendor. There is a revitalizing energy glowing from this major arcana that will fill you with inspiration and creativity. 

The Empress tarot card

This card has the properties of healing and soothes your emotional wounds. And at the same time, the Empress is ready to share all her blessing and abundance to all of them that come across her.

She is like a mother that is trying to take care of us and help us go after our goals.

Card Description

This card portraits an outstanding woman sitting in the middle of a crop field, completely surrounded by nature. The number of the Empress tarot is the roman number 3, and she is the fourth card of the tarot if we take the Fool (Number 0) as the first.

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Some relate this card with the archetype of Mother Earth or Mother Nature. On her head, surrounding her blond hair, we can see a crown with 12 stars, which can be the 12 planets or the 12 months of the year. The stars also are a sign of the connection she has with the mystical realm.

On her right hand, we see a scepter that gives the impression that she is holding the whole world on her hand.

Venus planet

The planet associated with the Empress tarot is Venus, which makes us understand that she is full of harmony and complete love. Venus is present on this card with the symbol of this planet that is inside the heart-shaped cushion on which she is sitting.

The deep forest, the river flowing, and the crops are signs of abundance and fertility. The river is the cycle of life in constant movement, and a metaphor that no matter what happens, life continues.

Like the High Priestess, this is also a card that has femininity written all over it. This femininity can enlarge:

  • your sense of elegance.
  • the way you express yourself.
  • the way you make yourself attractive to others.

We are talking here about strong feminine energy that will make your senses wider.

The Empress Tarot Meaning

The sight of the Empress on a tarot reading represents fertility in many fields. This means that it is a good time to be creative, to express yourself, and to invest in you and what makes you grow as a person.

You will soon collect the fruits of what you planted.

1. Taking care of others

The Empress will also put you in contact with your mother’s instinct. Taking care of someone and making sure that that person is well, is part of the Empress tarot mission.

The Empress can indicate pregnancy and motherhood, but it can also represent giving birth to new ideas or a business project that you have been dreaming for a long time.

2. A good moment in life

In terms of economic stability, the Empress signifies abundance. You will be able to enjoy some luxury and getting used to a certain lifestyle, without having to worry too much about your bank statement. However, it is key to be grateful. Keep your feet on the ground to continue receiving her blessings.

3. The call of nature

The nature aspect of this card invites us to enjoy the simplest pleasures that earth has to offer us. Renewing your energy levels, thanks to nature, can be really good for your soul.

Walking through the forest, swimming at the lake, admiring the sea, can be some of the activities that can help you to reconnect with nature.

Reversed Meaning

The Empress reversed can mean abuse of power. It can be an abuse of power coming from you or from someone else directed to you. Maybe this abuse of power can be unconscious, so it is important to be able to put yourself in the place of the other person.

This card is also an indication that your overprotecting nature has gone overboard. Your mother’s instincts are so strong that you are wasting too much energy on trying to solve the problems of some of the people that surround you. The Empress tarot, when is reversed, is trying to tell you not to lose sight of yourself.

In terms of creativity, a reversed Empress is a clear sign that you are going through a creative block. It can be a lack of coming out with fresh ideas or a problem of expressing yourself. Perhaps you are too worried about how your work or what you have proposed might be perceived. You are too focused on the opinion of others.

These insecurities do not only reflect in terms of work, but it can also extend to the body image that you have from yourself. You may be too hard on the way that you perceive your body and are too obsessed with small imperfections when what really matters is to learn to love yourself.

Look at the mirror and discover the wonderful person that you have in front of you. This is part of the Empress love lesson.         

Empress in Love

Since Venus is the planet of love, the Empress tarot love is good news. This can mean that you have or will have someone in your life that is caring and loving, who will look after you and take care of your needs.

Since the Empress is related to abundance, this person will be able to provide certain financial stability and would be willing to share part of his comfort.

The Empress tarot is also a sign that something can happen at work, that you can start a relationship with a coworker, or that a new business opportunity can bring you closer to this person.

In terms of relationships, this card is also a sign of stability. It is a sign that we are ready to take your relationship to a new level. It can announce a marriage proposal or the arrival of a baby.