A Guide to Understanding the Number 3

number 3

In numerology 3 is considered a core number, along with all other single-digit numbers between 0 and 9. These numbers are associated with unique meanings, and by combining them in different orders or combinations, we can essentially create coded messages.

Understanding these core numbers is an essential step in understanding numerology. We’re going to focus on just one of these numbers: the number 3. We’ll consider the number 3 meaning and we’ll also look at how this number is used within various religions. Overall, we’ll discuss what the number three means in relation to your spiritual journey.

Number 3 Meaning

When it comes to exploring the meaning of three, the best place to start is with its core values. All numbers, no matter how big or small, carry a unique vibrational energy number.

These vibrations exist throughout the spiritual and material worlds, and we also find them in:

  • people.
  • spiritual beings.
  • symbols.
  • and words.

Even food and drinks hold specific vibrational energy.

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The number three, like many of the other core numbers, carries three primary core meanings: Using your gifts, having patience and faith, and being communicative in all that you do. Understanding which of these applies to you can only be discovered through trusting your intuition.

As we’ll see with these meanings though, learning to trust in yourself could be the reason you’re seeing this number in the first place.

Of course, there are also some secondary meanings associated with this number. We find that there are often connections to creativity (specifically through the use of natural talents of gifts), seeing the funny side to anything, remaining spontaneous, learning to express yourself freely, and focusing on your goals and dreams.

Gifts and Patience

We’ll take a moment to consider the three primary meanings associated with the number 3. We are often drawn towards this number when we allow fear or doubt to control our thoughts and actions.

Everyone is born with skills or abilities that they naturally excel at, and yet it can feel difficult to have the courage to display these gifts in the company of others, especially in relation to pursuing a goal.

Three serves to remind us that by remaining optimistic, we can use these gifts to improve our lives and the lives of others. This includes trusting in yourself, such as listening to your intuition or searching within yourself for knowledge and answers.

Sometimes three appears when we’re growing impatient. We may be waiting for our prayers to be answered, or perhaps we’re seeking guidance that has not yet been given to us.

Sometimes, being patient is simply part of life’s plan. When you’re waiting and see number 3, then you’ll be reminded that things must happen at their right time. Your prayers will manifest themselves, but only when everything else is in place.


Finally, in numerology 3 can be representative of the need to communicate. This doesn’t refer to some vague use of the word, but rather communication in relation to socialization.

Human beings are social creatures, and isolation from others is unhealthy: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Reach out to friends, family, or even strangers in order to connect with those around you.

Interacting with others isn’t just enjoyable, it can also be deeply educational. By experiencing different cultures, beliefs, opinions, and knowledge, we allow ourselves to naturally grow and develop.

Who knows what magical path you may find yourself walking down as a result of stumbling upon something once unknown to you? In the vastness of this universe, we are simply children looking for direction.

Number 3 in Religion

1. Hinduism

In Hinduism, the number 3 has several associations. For starters, it represents the Trimurti which is the Hindu trinity: Brahman, Vishnu, and Shiva. Three is also the numerical depiction of Om or Aum, which is the spiritual tone of the universe.

Monks will often hum this sound during meditation in order to connect with the vibrations of the universe. Om is symbolic of our underlying connection to all things, our natural abilities, and the patience that is required within meditation for us to reach heightened states of enlightenment.

2. Buddhism

In Buddhism, we see similar meanings to those found in Hinduism, but there are also some additional meanings. Three symbolizes divine guidance, but it also reminds us of three important principles: discrimination, concentration, and discipline. All of which combine to form patience and focus.

3. Christianity

In Christianity, the trinity is also important. We recognize the father, the son, and the holy spirit, which are the three aspects of God. After his crucifixion, Jesus waited for three days and three nights before being resurrected.

Jesus even prayed three times before he was arrested. Both of these instances connect to the idea of patience, especially in relation to spiritual matters and divine guidance. Praying is even a form of communication.

The Spiritual Meaning of Three

You’re likely wondering what you should do in the event of seeing three, especially if the number keeps appearing repeatedly in your life. Three is the most ignored spiritual sign within numerology.

The reason for this is that it’s quite often used as a way of reminding us to trust our intuition, but noticing important numbers requires intuitive thought, as does interpreting the meaning of these numbers.

When we stray from our path, we lose the ability to pick up on the signs. Use the number 3 as a reminder that you’re strong-willed, capable, creative, gifted, and focused.

But also allow this number to humble you, as impatience maybe your curse to bear, and low levels of communication will allow your path to stray from its correct course.

Look within yourself for answers and you’ll find your way back to the right path. Finally, three should remind you to never be afraid of reaching out for guidance.

We all need help in life from time to time, and the number 3 is a symbol of that.