judgement tarot

Focused on resolutions and outcomes, the Judgement tarot card unveils important conclusions about a specific situation. In a way, we can see it as closing a chapter in our life, while putting all its effects on a balance. It is up to you how things end. It can be positive or negative. But if it […]
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Discovering the Secrets of Rune Reading

rune reading

Runes are an ancient alphabet that was used by our ancestors for writing, in divination practices, and in magical rituals between around 100 B.C.E. – 1600 C.E. In the present day, runes still appear on jewelry pieces, souvenir items, and on cards and stones for a rune reading. Rune reading is one of the ancient practices […]
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A Guide to Most Popular Tarot Decks

tarot decks

Finding the best Tarot deck for your readings is a very important and very personal journey. But there are so many Tarot decks to choose from, and today there are also unique and creative decks besides traditional ones available. So, how can you find the one that is right for you? The most important factor […]
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Discover the Most Popular Tarot Spreads

tarot spreads

Do you know that the Tarot spreads are not laid out in a certain way by accident? There is a meaning behind the position of the cards in each spread which will affect how the reader will interpret them. If you have never had a Tarot reading, then you probably have not seen Tarot card […]
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Receive the Answers to Your Questions from a Yes No Oracle

yes no oracle

Although it is more common to seek guidance from the Tarot cards when you are looking for insightful answers to burning questions, you can also rely on the cards when you just need a yes or no answer. The yes no oracle can give you an answer quickly so you can choose the best course […]
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Angel Card Reading for When You Need Divine Guidance

angel cards

You might have felt this before, but you are not alone in this world, because your Guardian Angel stands by your side from the moment you were born and until your life ends. Some people can even recognize the signs their angels send them in a form of inspiration or intuitive feelings. Angels send these […]
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Discover Your Personality Number

numerology calculator

One of the important numbers in numerology reading is your personality number. It is calculated using the consonants in your first name and is a way to predict the energies you will be sending out into the universe and the energies you will attract. If you are not sure that you are doing it correctly, […]
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Reveal Your Career Path with the Suit of Pentacles


The suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana is associated with the natural element earth and corresponds to the suit of diamonds in the traditional deck of playing cards. It is the suit most oriented on your career, efforts, progress, and achievements at work. Would you like to know how Pentacle can help you understand your […]
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Uncover Your Creative Spirit with the Suit of Wands


The suit of Wands is perhaps the most fun and exciting suit in the Minor Arcana, but it is also the safest. It represents anything wild and adventurous but also carries a great deal of wisdom. Seeing Wand cards in your Tarot reading can reveal insights into your determination, inspiration, and creative expression. Learn more […]
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Have a Glance into Your Mind and Spirit with the Suit of Swords


The suit of Swords represents the mind and the spirit. It is associated with the natural element of air and the suit of spades in a traditional deck of cards. While in the real world, a sword is a weapon that can injure someone severely, in the Tarot, swords are a metaphor for the mind that […]
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