Uncover Your Creative Spirit with the Suit of Wands


The suit of Wands is perhaps the most fun and exciting suit in the Minor Arcana, but it is also the safest. It represents anything wild and adventurous, but also carries a great deal of wisdom. Seeing Wand cards in your Tarot reading can reveal insights into your determination, inspiration, and creative expression. Learn more […]
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Reveal Your Career Path with the Suit of Pentacles


The suit of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana is associated with nature element earth and corresponds to the suit of diamonds in traditional deck of playing cards. It is the suit most oriented on your career, efforts, progress, and achievements at work. Would you like to know how Pentacle can help you understand your career […]
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A Guide to Understanding the Number 9

number 9

When it comes to numerology, understanding the core numbers is the key to being able to understand the more complicated aspects of the topic. Core numbers, which are the single digits between 0 and 9, are often viewed as having personalities. Their values are unique, and each one tells a story. The number 9 is […]
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A Guide to Understanding the Number 8

number 8

In many ways, numerology is like a universal language. No matter what country you’re from, the religion you’re a part of, or language you speak, numbers exist within your life. Numbers are used in every job, every thought, and without them, our world would grind to a halt. But numbers are much more important than […]
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