judgement tarot

Focused on resolutions and outcomes, the Judgement tarot card unveils important conclusions about a specific situation. In a way, we can see it as closing a chapter in our life, while putting all its effects on a balance.

It is up to you how things end. It can be positive or negative. But if it is negative, you can use the Judgement tarot as a wake-up call to minimize the damage and leave everything behind for a new star.

Judgement tarot card

Don’t forget that this card is also a symbol of rebirth and awakening, in a metaphorical sense. You will come out of your ashes as a new you, with a new purpose. The time of reflection and self-evaluation will help you to set yourself a new path.

But before you take it, you must learn to forget yourself for the mistake of your past. Embrace absolution and determination. This is the best way to start hearing your inner call.

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Card Description

The Judgement Tarot card is:

  • the number twentieth of the Major Arcana.
  • It is related to the planet Pluto and the element Fire.
  • On it, we see a big angel blowing a trumpet.

This is the archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God, who according to the Bible, was the angel that announces the birth of Jesus. Beneath Gabriel we see a group of people rising from the dead.

They are of all ages and have a grey appearance. We see men, women, and children, that are coming out of their graves. They are reacting to the sound of the trumpet, that is the call that they have been waiting for.

The scene that is depicted in this card is the Last Judgement.  On the card, we see how these people are waiting for the verdict for eternity. If they are welcome into heaven or not.

In the background, we can see a massive mountain range covered with snow. This is a sign of how inevitable avoiding judgment is. There is no way to skip it, sooner or later we will be judged for our actions.

It is not a coincidence that this card is linked to the planet Pluto, considering that for the Romans, Pluto was the God of the underworld.

JudgEment Tarot Card Description

If you see this card, there is a big chance that you know someone, that is very close to you, that is being judged in a harsh way. It is as if he was guilty before all the facts have been unveiled.

Everything that this person does, is taken directly the wrong way, without the benefit of the doubt.

1.Judgement Teaching

It can also be that you are the one judging someone harshly, just because he or she doesn’t have your total sympathy, or they have deceived you before. It is important that you give these persons at least the opportunity to prove you wrong.

The Judgement tarot can also mean achieving a certain clarity to be able to evaluate yourself. You are no longer trapped in moral conflicts or assumptions that were blocking your judgment.

Now, you can distinguish between what you have done correctly or what you have done wrong.

2. Judgement Teaching

You are also more experienced and know how to avoid repeating the same mistakes of the past. Self-awareness is much stronger in you. This means that you are more conscious of your actions and limitations.

3. Judgement Teaching

Although this card is not the same as the Justice tarot card, there is a sense of justice related to Judgement tarot. If you have acted in an honorable way and faithful to the truth, Justice will be on your side.

Even legal issues could turn in your favor if you did everything correctly. However, the outcome can be totally opposite if you didn’t behave correctly. So be ready to accept the verdict.

For those that are far away from home, this card can represent that you are homesick. While, in terms of love, it can be an indication of a couple that wants to be together, but that has an ocean between them.

Reversed Meaning

When Judgement tarot card appears reversed, this can be a symptom of the difficulties that you have for making important decisions. There is something holding you back. Maybe your fears and doubts are occupying too much space in your mind.

They are blocking your judgment, even though it is necessary that you act. The more you wait; the fewer opportunities will be available for you. In a sense, you are ignoring the karmic lessons of the past.

This could explain why you are constantly making the same mistakes. Perhaps you are being too harsh and critic with yourself. You are your first and strongest critic. And although it is important to set higher standards, there is no need to exaggerate.  

As in the upright position, Judgement reversed is also linked to a legal outcome. But in this case, the outcome will not be fair. Even if you acted correctly, a big injustice will be committed upon you.

Finally, this card reversed can also mean that you are ignoring your inner call. The universe is telling you that there is something very important that you have to do, but you seem not to be very interested in taking that road yet.