Major Arcana: The Sun Tarot Card

the sun tarot

When you are doing a reading and you see the Sun tarot card, you can be really satisfied. This card us all about joy, happiness, and optimism. It shows us a bright future, where there is a lot of space for fulfilling your dreams.

In another context, the Sun is trying to tell us to enjoy life and always try to take out the best of every situation. Even if something might be seen as bad, there is always a bright side. The Sun is the perfect contrast to the Moon tarot card. It is a source of energy from which we can take a lot of advantage.

The Sun Tarot Card

It is true that the road to success needs a lot of work, but it is important to have fun once in a while. It is not about indulging yourself, but more about surrounding your spirit with positive energy. This will fill your organism with vitality, and it will give you a fresh view of life.

The Sun also offers us all its warmth, to feel that we are not alone. For those that are going through a key period on their careers or about to take an important decision, this card is an injection of confidence.

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Card Description

This card is connected with the simple things in life. In fact, it is a tribute to life itself. It is filled with innocence but at the same time, there is an element of security and determination in it.

As you know, from many points of view (in science and astrology), the sun tarot card is an unlimited source of life and energy for our planet. And that is precisely what this card wants to transmit. There is an expression of confidence in the sun’s face.

We see the Sun in all its splendor. Covering the sky completely. Beneath the sun, we see a brick wall, from which we see four big sunflowers coming out. The sunflowers represent the four elements and are also an introduction to what is about to come: the suits of the Minor arcana.

In front of the wall, we see a small child riding on a horse. The child is a reference to being connected with your spirit and also a sign of innocence, due to the fact that he is not wearing any clothes.

He has a kind of flower crown on his head or hat. In one of his hand, he is carrying a big red flag, that can be the sign of renewed blood. The smile on his face symbolizes accomplishment, while his hold figure and posture are a message of hope for the future.

If we think about the Major Arcana, we can see some parallels with another card of the tarot that also involves a rider and a white horse. The card in question is the Death tarot card, which is related to new beginnings. Although the context is completely different.

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but remember that in tarot, nothing is random.

The Sun Tarot Meaning

There Upright Sun is a confirmation that things are going smooth for you. All the planets have aligned, and you will enter a time of harvest, in which you will be able to see most of your project flourish.

1. Sun Teaching

You don’t have to worry about failure because all the good conditions will be there to let everything flow. You will be full of confidence and enthusiasm that will move you toward your goals.

2. Sun Teaching

The Sun tarot card is a card of freedom. Of being comfortable with yourself, accepting everything that you are, including your weaknesses. Because accepting your weaknesses is the road to improvement. First, because you can work on improving them, and also because you can potentiate what you are good at.

3. Sun Teaching

On the other hand, this card also works as an element of truth. If someone has told a lie about you, the Sun tarot will unveil the truth and expose those that wanted to harm you with their lies.

Reversed Meaning

The meaning of this card when it is reversed is an invitation to be more in contact with your inner child. As we turn into adults, we start to focus more on our responsibilities and career goals. We are so absorbed by our life, that we lost touch with our inner child.

But it is important to find a balance between our duties and really having fun. Because sometimes you think that you know how to have fun, but there is a part of you that is holding you back.

By invoking your inner child, everything will be more natural. All the restrains will go away. The reversed Sun shows us the way to enjoy without the fear of being judged. Just as we did when we were innocent children.

On the other hand, this card reversed can indicate that we are having trouble finding the bright side of life. We may fall under the impression that the problems are piling up and that everything that you try is senseless. But no matter how bad things are, you can always find something positive in your situation.

Don’t forget to concentrate on the small things in life. Perhaps it is time to change your approach. It is important to be optimistic, but at the same time realistic. Because the Sun tarot card reversed can also be a sign that you are being extremely optimistic.

Confidence is very important, but it is never good to exaggerate. You have to be aware of your limits and understand that every situation is different. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.