Uncover Your Creative Spirit with the Suit of Wands


The suit of Wands is perhaps the most fun and exciting suit in the Minor Arcana, but it is also the safest. It represents anything wild and adventurous but also carries a great deal of wisdom.

Seeing Wand cards in your Tarot reading can reveal insights into your determination, inspiration, and creative expression. Learn more about the suit of Wands and what it can tell about you in a reading.

Understanding the Wand in Tarot

Cards in the suit of Wands are full of freedom and creativity. This suit corresponds to the fire element and the suit of clubs in a traditional deck of playing cards. Just like the fire element, Wands represent energy and vitality, so seeing these cards in your reading is a sign of:

  • hope.
  • enthusiasm.
  • and confidence.
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When Wands appear in a Tarot reading, they can reveal information about your business or career pursuits, or any kind of competitive activity. Sometimes, they can also be a sign of conflict in your relationships, if these cards appear in your love reading.

Meanings of Wand cards

As you can already see, the suit of Wands is connected to many areas of your life. Let’s learn more about each Wand card and its meaning in a Tarot reading.

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is the card that stands for courage and enthusiasm. In a Tarot reading, it represents you as a creative and imaginative person who confidently works toward achieving the biggest goals. When this card appears in your love reading, await adventures and fun things coming your way.

Numeric Wand

Two of Wands

This Wand card symbolizes your ability at work. It shows that you have a very good grasp on what you are doing and contribute to projects with your extensive knowledge and expertise. Keep going in the same direction to achieve what you want from your professional life.

Three of Wands

This Wand card represents a balance between your body, mind, and spirit, which is helping you in your endeavors. When you see this card in your Tarot reading, keep confidence and be patient, because good things will soon come your way. Think big and watch out for exciting opportunities.  

Four of Wands

Four of Wands is an important card in a love Tarot reading. It symbolizes important relationships in your life that you should protect and cherish. This card serves as a reminder that you need to invest time and effort in order to make your relationships work and be happy with the people beside you.

Five of Wands

This Wand card represents struggles, challenges, and obstacles on your way to achieving your goals. If this card showed up in your reading, either you are going through a hard time at the moment, or difficulties await you in the near future. Seeing this card will help you prepare.

Six of Wands

Six of Wands stands for a good win. If you see this card in your reading, this means that your question or the situation you have in mind will resolve in your favor. Not only that this card will bring you success, but other people will recognize it as well. In a situation where you seek validation, this card is especially a good sign.

Seven of Wands

Seven of Wands represents some struggle at your workplace. Perhaps your creative ideas are being rejected by your boss, or your co-workers cannot get on the same page with you. Whichever the case, this card symbolizes the need for you to stand your ground and defend your work no matter what.

Eight of Wands

This Wand card often shows your lack of focus. It might mean that you are taking on too many tasks at once, which makes it harder to complete them in good quality. If there are too many creative solutions you think will suit your problem, look for this card in your Tarot reading to give you a sign.

Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands stands for good hope, even when the future seems bleak at first glance. This card represents the struggles that you have overcome and the struggles that are also waiting in the future. Ultimately, you will achieve your goal when you overcome those.

Ten of Wands

If you see ten of Wands in your Tarot reading, this probably means that you are taking on more responsibility than you can handle. It can be related to excessive workload or the challenges you face on your path.

Understand that the strength you have will guide you through your work, but do not push yourself too much.

Royal Wand

Page of Wands

Often, a page in a Tarot reading will signify a certain person in your life, most likely a younger female. Since Wands is a warm and cheerful suit, this person will be someone positive, ambitious, and warm.

This card in a reading usually means that your efforts are finally paying off and you can soon enjoy the results of your hard work.

Knight of Wands

Just like other court cards, the Knight of Wands can mean a person in your life that is important for the answer to your question or situation. This person is very energetic and enthusiastic about both his work and social life.

In a love Tarot reading, the Knight of Wands represents passionate but superficial feelings that can change suddenly.

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands represents your ambition and determination. Seeing this card in your Tarot reading means that you will achieve your creative goals and find the purpose of your life, no matter the obstacles on your path.

This card can also symbolize the woman in your life who is crucial for finding the answer to the question you ask of the Tarot.

King of Wands  

Depending on the question you are seeking the answer to, the Wand king can represent either you or someone else in your life. One of the meanings of this card is related to a lot of positive energy that will help you in securing your future.

Another representation is that of a male figure. This person can be your mentor, partner, or friend – anyone who brings positivity into your life.