What is Astral Projection and How Can I do it?

astral projection

There are many aspects of spirituality that are open to interpretation. The idea behind an out-of-body experience (OBE) is exactly what you might imagine from the name: an experience where you leave your physical body behind in some form. But what is astral projection and how is it connected to OBEs? In simple terms, it […]
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Learning the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

celtic cross

The Celtic Cross is an ancient symbol that originated in Ireland and Scotland sometime around the 9th century, but possibly earlier. This symbol carries a lot of meaning and power, and so it may not surprise you to learn that we can in fact harness this power during a Tarot card reading. A Celtic Cross […]
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What is the Ace of Pentacles Reversed Meaning?

ace of pentacles

Many aspects of reading can alter the specifics of a card’s message, including whether it is upright or reversed. In order to fully understand this card, we’ll look at the general meanings of this card, how it relates to your career and finances, the Ace of Pentacles love and relationships meaning, as well as the […]
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What is the Ace of Swords Meaning?

ace of swords

Reading Tarot cards can seem a little confusing at times. There are 78 cards in a deck, with 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Each card holds a number of different meanings, each of which can be applied to a specific aspect of a person’s life, and each can be turned upside if […]
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Ophiuchus: The Secret Zodiac Sign


Have you ever heard of Ophiuchus? If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s quite normal. We have always been told that there are 12 zodiac signs, connected to 12 constellations. Most of us know their names. They are a part of our culture and an important guide to determine our actions. That is why the news of […]
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The Beauty of the Rider Waite Tarot

rider waite tarot

There are many types of tarot cards, but none of them are as emblematic as the Rider Waite tarot deck. It is the basis of modern tarot and one of the most used cards. But what makes these cards so special? Is it the drawings? Is it the Meaning? The Rider-Waite tarot deck tells the […]
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An introduction to Tarot Cards

tarot cards

The aspects of each card may change, but the essence is the same. Tarot Cards are the mirror of humanity. Not only as a reflection of our past history but also as a clear parallel of modern times. In each of the figures of the tarot, you can recognize pieces of you, of the places […]
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Major Arcana: The Star Tarot Card

the star tarot

If the Tower was one of the most negative cards, the Star tarot card is one of the most positive. This card is a fresh air of hope and of renewing energy. It is related to faith and spirituality. The star can help you find the purpose of your actions, or even further, the purpose […]
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the moon tarot

Few cards are a mirror of the soul as the Moon tarot card. The Moon makes us face our fears, not only with what scares us. When we are out of balance and anxiety is taking over, this card can show us an alternative. The problem here is knowing how to distinguish what is real […]
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Major Arcana: The Sun Tarot Card

the sun tarot

When you are doing a reading and you see the Sun tarot card, you can be really satisfied. This card us all about joy, happiness, and optimism. It shows us a bright future, where there is a lot of space for fulfilling your dreams. In another context, the Sun is trying to tell us to […]
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