The Magic Powers of the Supermoon


There are special nights throughout the year. Nights which have a special influence on us and on the people around us. The meaning of the Supermoon is unknown to some people. However, even if we do not fully understand its effects, we have no choice but to surrender to its beauty.

But what makes the super moon so special? 

The most obvious answer to this question would be its size. But there is much more. There is also its spiritual meaning, which makes the supermoon an event filled with surprises and opportunities.

The supermoon also helps to boost our psychic abilities. It strengthens our senses and puts us in touch with the forces of the universe. If you have questions that are stopping you from progressing as you would have wished, it is time for you to receive the help you deserve.

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The Effects of the Supermoon

There is an explanation that helps us understand the main difference between a supermoon and any other type of moon. In astronomy, a super moon is identified due to its proximity to Earth.

The moon attains its splendor and largest volume when it is closest to the Earth’s surface. In general, this type of moon is always a full moon. Although it is worth noting that not all full moons are supermoons.

The first person to have spoken, in scientific terms, about the supermoon was the astrologer Richard Nolle. From a theoretical point of view, it is said that when this type of phenomenon happens, the moon is up to 6% closer to Earth than usual.

Sometimes we do not even realize we are seeing a super moon, or that in most cases, its presence is evident. Depending on the movements of the stars, there may be more than one supermoon per year. 

Understanding the Phases of the Moon

Spiritually speaking, it is worth highlighting the feminine energy that the moon emits. It is a strong energy, a product if its solar reflections.

Depending on the different phases of the moon, the energy levels can change dramatically. In the case of the supermoon, this energy can be very useful in terms of spiritual development.

Its effects directly influence our mood, making everything more bearable and allowing us to contemplate life from a kinder point of view. Any shadow in our hearts can disappear if we expose ourselves to the light of the supermoon.

Super Moon Health Benefits

It has been proven that some people are very sensitive to the full moon. Different symptoms may occur, such as difficulty falling asleep. This shows the influence the moon can have on us.

However, these cases are rare and, in general, the supermoon has very intense healing powers. The supermoon helps us to:

  • Balance our emotions.
  • Strengthen our immune system.
  • Improve blood circulation and digestion.

Thanks to the super moon you will feel an inner peace that will not only expand to your mind, but also to the rest of your body. The emotional healing will be progressive, but constant.

Even situations from the past which were a heavy burden will finally be processed and left behind.

Meaning of the Supermoon

The arrival of the super moon is linked to a new discovery. This type of moon will open our eyes to situations and events that we were not able to interpret correctly before.

Suddenly everything will be clearer, thanks to the force of the light and its power to transform. The light will guide us on our path and revitalize our spirit.

  • The poles of the moon

The super moon also represents a change not only in the way we perceive things, but it also shows us new approaches, in which something negative will become positive.

For example, if we have problems in our relationship, we will be able to stop only seeing the defects of other people. The idea is to keep what is good, accept people as they are, and discover their inner beauty.

  • Lost contacts

In the same way, this moon will allow us to rekindle relationships or friendships that time and distance have separated. Although there are people who are always in our hearts and who we constantly remember, for some reason or another, they are no longer part of our inner circle.

However, during the supermoon, it is the right time to get back in touch with these people. Sometimes it is less complicated than it seems. A greeting or a little message can trigger a rekindling.

  • Breaking the spell

Being in tune with the super moon can also end negative streaks. When it seems that luck has abandoned you, the moon can come to your rescue. In life, there are times when we go from one disappointment to another. However, you must always remain positive and trust that everything will change.

Remember, bad luck is short-lived, and there is no better time to leave it behind than during the supermoon. We should not forget that the supermoon has strong healing and regenerative power. With it, a new cycle closes and opens. A new cycle full of hope and in which great things can be expected.

Just let yourself be carried away by the revitalizing energy of the moon. Let the supermoon bathe you in its magical light. If you see it through the window, go outside and focus, so that its light enters each of your pores.