Look into Your Feelings with the Suit of Cups


The suit of Cups in the Minor Arcana represents the element of water and deals with emotions and feelings, relationships and love, power, and religion. The Cup cards encompass many spheres of your life and can shed light on the deepest insights into your question or situation.

Learn more about the suit of Cups and what its cards mean in your Tarot reading.

Understanding the Cup in Tarot

The suit of Cups in a Tarot reading can reveal strong emotions, both of a positive and negative kind. When you are seeing Cup cards in your reading, this might be a sign for you to heal your emotions through such practices as meditation and deep breathing.

Realize that taking care of your mind and your spirit is important, and do not focus only on your physical health. When a card from the suit of Cups appears, your emotional health is important for resolving the situation. The Cups suit carries energy associated with situations that are of an emotional nature.

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Feelings create responses that you cannot explain right away. Sometimes, you might try to suppress your real feelings instead of showing other emotions, appearing to others not as your real self. There are also those times when people act a certain way to receive a reward, so their intention is not pure.

Do not deny your feelings and always take care to express them in the way you really feel. This will go a long way for the health of your mind and relationships. 

Meanings of Cup cards

Every card in the suit of Cups can reveal some information about your feelings and emotions. Learn what each of Cup cards means for your situation.

Ace of Cups

This Cup card can be a sign that your intuition will be surprisingly sharp in the coming days. You might be feeling a strong desire to express your love for someone or to help those in need. Ace of Cups is about forgiveness and letting negative things go.  

Two of Cups

If you see two of Cups in your Tarot reading, it symbolizes a true love that will soon come into your life. But this card has more meanings to it. It can also reveal the start of a new friendship or any relationship in which the energies of two people transform and enrich each other.

Three of Cups

This card has a meaning of confirmation. For instance, if you are doing a yes/no Tarot reading, three of Cups is a definite yes. In this card, you can find mutual understanding, teamwork, and support. Seeing it in your reading symbolizes a sense of connectedness and harmony in a relationship.

Four of Cups

This Cup card is neither positive nor negative in a Tarot reading. If you draw four of Cups, this might mean that you have set restrictions for yourself that prevent you from enjoying life fully. Think outside of these constraints and let go of the things that hurt you in the past. Life goes on.

Five of Cups

Five of Cups symbolizes disappointment. If this card appears in your reading, you might be experiencing anxiety or depression, feelings of hopelessness, and everything going wrong in your life. Because of this sadness, you might miss the opportunities life presents you, and this card serves to remind you of that.

Six of Cups

When you see six of Cups in your Tarot reading, it is calling for you to reconnect with your inner child. This is a card of nostalgia, of someone who is stuck in the past and does not want to acknowledge responsibility. You cannot be as carefree as many years ago, so keep that in mind before making an important decision.

Seven of Cups

This Cup card is associated with your creativity and imagination. When it appears in your reading, this means that you will be presented with many opportunities and offerings. Think carefully about them and evaluate them before making your choice, because this choice can be life-changing.

Eight of Cups

When you think about making an important decision, set your emotions aside. Eight of Cups is letting you know that the situation calls for rational thinking and careful analysis of your actions. This card gives you hope in the face of uncertainty and helps you achieve your goals.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups is a positive card that represents satisfaction with how everything is going. If this card appears in your Tarot reading, this means you are on the right track and you should follow the same path you are walking. Your work and social life bring you a sense of fulfillment.

Ten of Cups

This Cup card symbolizes the culmination of your feelings and emotions regarding the situation you are wondering about. Suit of Cups might have brought you on an emotional rollercoaster along the way, but with this card, you have arrived at your destination and found happiness.

Page of Cups

Like all other pages, the Page of Cups represents a new beginning, but it can also symbolize a person who is trying very hard to attract your attention. This is someone young and devoted to you. When this Cup card does not indicate a person in your life, it stands for a happy event like a birthday, marriage, or social gathering.

Knight of Cups

This card symbolizes sudden changes in your environment. Things will develop quite quickly, and you will do well if you can catch up with all the sudden adjustments. The meaning of the Knight of Cups is also very much influenced by other Cup cards in the Tarot spread.

Queen of Cups

When the queen of Cups points to a certain person in your life, this is someone who you will have an instant connection with. This person is kind and understanding, someone who can empathize with your feelings and emotions. And if this card signifies you, then it is time to work on your spirituality and intuition.

King of Cups

This card appears in your Tarot reading when you feel emotional stability. You feel the sense of achievement and know your direction for moving forward. This Cup card also symbolizes diplomacy, so you might need to think of a diplomatic solution to the problem at hand.