Understanding the Basics of Palm Reading

palm reading

You might have heard before that lines and marks on your hands can reveal plenty of information about your character and destiny. By reading someone’s hand, you can tell this person’s fate, hidden strengths and weaknesses, his or her past, and even determine how this person has shaped his or her original destiny.

If you want to know more about palm reading, here is a brief overview of its history and the main lines and shapes that carry meaningful information in a palm reading chart.

A bit about palm reading, or palmistry

Palm reading, also known as palmistry, chirology, or chiromancy, actually takes its roots in ancient astrology. Our ancestors used the lines on people’s palms to predict someone’s future and determine their personal characteristics.

Although there is no way to know whether this practice is in fact truthful, ancients have relied on it for thousands of years. Palm reading has been recorded in the traditions of Ancient Greece, China, and India, from which three main schools of chirology came to be.

When interpreting the symbols on someone’s hand, choose one school of palmistry for an accurate prediction.

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Palm reading guide to hands

There are four types of hands, according to palm reading charts, corresponding to four elements: fire, air, water, and earth. How can you know which hand belongs to which element? Here is a brief outline.

1. Fire

Fire hands have shorter fingers than palms and are shaped like a square. These people are, just like fire, full of energy and passion. They are very determined, hard-working, and incredibly loyal, which makes them good partners in professional and romantic relationships.

2. Air

People with air hands in palm reading have long fingers and palms shaped like a rectangle. Their palms are long, too, typically the same length as their fingers. These people tend to be creative thinkers who always have ideas they feel impatient to share with others.

3. Water

Your hands are water type if your palm is more of an oval shape and your fingers are long and flexible. People with such hands tend to have emotional personalities and experience mood swings quite often. At the same time, they are artistic and creative by nature. 

4. Earth

Earth’s hands are typically wide, square-shaped, with thick skin and equal length of the palm and fingers. If these are your hands, then you are probably a down-to-earth person who is responsible and skilled. You like being in nature, taking walks, and enjoying time outdoors with family or friends.

Three major lines in a palm reading chart

There are several lines on a person’s hand, but these three are considered the major ones: the lifeline, the headline, and the heart line. The lifeline is the one even novices in palm reading want to know more about, as it can uncover some details about your life path.

The heart line describes your emotions and relationships, while the headline reveals your intelligence. Let’s look at each of the three major lines in more detail.

The lifeline

If you heard before that your lifeline can tell exactly when you are going to die, it is time to let go of this thought. Contrary to this belief, your lifeline can tell you about the well-being of your mind, body, and spirit, your relationships, and the people you will meet on your life path.

You can find this line starting between your thumb and the index finger, sometimes having the same beginning as your headline, and following down the palm to the base of your thumb.

A wide and curved lifeline represents an energetic person, while breaks in the lifeline can mean major changes in life.

The headline

This line is also known as the line of wisdom in a palm reading guide. It can reveal the truth about your intellectual capacity and intuitive ability. You can find this line easily, as it runs horizontally across your palm, starting between your index finger and thumb. For some people, this line begins right at the lifeline.

The headline can reveal the emotional state of your mind. A short headline signifies practical inclination rather than intellectual accomplishments, while a wavy line means you are a creative and imaginative person.

The heart line

When it comes to your heart line, here is where your relationships will be revealed. This line can tell a lot about the state of your emotions and even your heart health. You can find this line stretching horizontally above the headline, starting under the middle or index finger.

Matters of romance and love are uncovered in your heart line. People with short lines are not interested in romantic relationships, while a long and curvy heart line belongs to people who express their feelings easily.

Mounts in palm reading

Apart from interpreting the lines, mounts on the palms also play an important role in a palm reading chart. Chinese palmistry traditions recognize seven mounts on a person’s palm, each of which carries the name of a celestial object.

There are mounts of Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Apollo. Here is how you can find these mounts on your palm:

  • The mount of Luna is on the base of your palm, on the side of your pinky finger.
  • The mount of Mercury you can find right at the base of your pinky finger.
  • The mount of Venus is located between the base of your thumb and your lifeline.
  • There are two mounts of Mars: the Inner, which is between the mounts of Venus and Jupiter, and the outer, which is between the mounts of Luna and Mercury. There is also the plain of Mars right at the center of your palm.
  • The mount of Jupiter can be found at the base of your forefinger.
  • The mount of Saturn is at the base of your middle finger.
  • The mount of Apollo is located at the base of your ring finger.

Now that you know the basics of palmistry, try reading your palm and see what it will reveal about your character and destiny!