What is the Queen of Cups Reversed?

queen of cups

Tarot cards have been used as a spirituality tool for centuries. Their ability to connect to our energy and reflect our place in the world, often through hidden or ignored truths, allows us to find meaning through simple reading.

The problem many people face with Tarot cards is understanding the message contained within each one. To help, we’re going to focus on just one card: The Queen of Cups.

We’ll consider the general meaning of this card, how it relates to your love, relationships, career, and finances. We’ll then go on to consider the Queen of Cups reversed meaning as well.

General Meaning

Unlike many of the other Tarot cards, the image contained on this one can be a little misleading. It depicts a Queen sitting on a silver throne, often on the edge of a lake or the sea.

Her regal and majestic cup is held halfway into the air as she stares out into the vast nothingness. This may lead you to believe that the card discusses riches, power, or authority.

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In truth, this card reflects a lonely soul staring out into the harsh and powerful world, feeling responsible and helpless at the same time. It is a card that indicates the need for:

  • compassion.
  • empathy.
  • understanding.
  • and support.

Treat others the same way you wish to be treated. Don’t feel that people deserve more or less care simply because they have money or are well-known, or similarly, because they have little money or are practically unknown.

This card can serve as a reminder for the importance of dreams. Not just the dreams we see at night, or the daydreams that occupy our waking minds, but dreams in the form of goals, aspirations, and desires.

We see this card when we’ve either become too selfish or too selfless.

Love and Relationships

If you’re single, this card is an indication that now is the perfect time to search for love. You’ve spent some time working on yourself, you’ve come to an understanding of what your goals in life may be, and now you’re ready to share that journey with another soul.

As it happens, this card can suggest that a potential partner will be entering your life soon! The person you’re looking for will be compassionate and kind. They won’t be afraid to show affection to those they care for, and so you’ll feel loved in their company.

If you’re already in a relationship, this card can still offer some insight. Your partner is an affectionate person, and while they’re often the ones to show openness in relation to their emotions, the time has come for you to do the same.

You need to allow yourself to feel vulnerable. Share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, and you may just find that it strengthens your bond.

The only way we can truly connect with another person is by opening our soul and sharing our energy. Do this, and you’ll see a whole new side to your partner, and the relationship that you share.

Career and Finances

When this card is played in relation to your career, it indicates that there’s something missing from your job; something that stops you from feeling satisfied.

For many, this card can suggest that your current role doesn’t allow you to help people, which is something that is essential to your personality. Being financially secure may seem like the only necessity, but this card is encouraging you to look for spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

Consider taking on new responsibilities, asking for a promotion, or simply looking for a new career path altogether. When it comes to your finances, we see a similar message.

Even when you’re financially secure, you find that you feel hollow and empty. The solution to this isn’t more money, which would quickly turn into greed, but rather a spiritual exploration.

Don’t get caught up in finding companies to invest in or new business opportunities to pursue. Instead, search for ways you can spend your money that allow you and others to connect to the Earth or their spiritual selves.

Money may be important, but so is your health, so just keep that in mind once you reach a place of financial security.

Queen of Cups Reversed

The Queen of Cups reversed meaning, much like other Tarot cards, carries an almost opposite meaning to that of the upright position. We find that it indicates fluctuating emotions.

You’re going to enter a period of heightened sensitivity. This will cause you to feel vulnerable, depressed, sad, and insecure.

However, it’s important that you don’t enter a negative space, as you could easily become bitter, hateful, or even vengeful. When your emotions overwhelm you, try to pause, take a few breaths, and allow yourself to return to a neutral headspace.

Love and Finances

If you’re single, the Queen of Cups reversed meaning can suggest that you’re not in the right headspace to search for a partner.

Trust is the Answer

If you do, you’ll likely attract the sort of person who only wishes to take advantage of your mental situation. You will be able to spot such a person because they will come across as moody, agitated, irritable, and bitter. If you’re in a relationship, it’s important that you trust your partner.

Communication is the Key

Being cautious is important, but if you can’t have faith in your partner, you’ll soon find that they lose trust in you too. A relationship without trust cannot last, and so it’s vital that you communicate effectively with your partner.

Problem to Focus

The Queen of Cups can indicate that you’re allowing stress to take control during work hours. This can stem from poor communication within your organization, but ultimately the problems are being left at your door.

Try to communicate your issues in a calm manner instead of bottling your emotions up. Through doing this, you may just find that others are happy to help you, which in turn could strengthen bonds with colleagues and improve your job satisfaction. Honesty is always the best policy.