What does the Ace of Cups Tarot Card Mean?


Intuition plays a major role in understanding the meaning behind a card’s appearance within any spread, but I’ll help you understand the basics by focusing on one card: The Ace of Cups Tarot card.

I’ll consider the general meaning, what it says about love, career, and money, and the Ace of Cups reversed meaning. Tarot cards have been used for centuries in order to help us better understand our place in this universe: our strengths, weaknesses, goals, motivations, and destiny.

Tarot card decks can vary in number, but a standard deck contains 78 cards in total: 22 Major Arcana cards, which are the face cards, and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Ace of Cups Tarot Card

I’ll start off by considering the general meaning associated with this card. Although the image on the card can change from one deck to another, it generally shows a dove diving into an over-flowing goblet or cup.

Usually, we see 5 streams of water flowing from the cup, but sometimes there are 4 or 6. These streams run into a pond or body of water, past the hand that holds the cup in the air.

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The cups suit primarily represents situations, events, and developments of an emotional nature. These cards help us to learn more about our emotional connectivity, not just with others, but with ourselves as well.

The Ace signifies a period of high self-esteem, confidence, emotional strength, and new beginnings. When you see this card, it suggests that now is a great time to start new projects, make new friends, and take steps beyond your social comfort zone.

This card suggests that people will connect with what you’re saying. They will be receptive to your words and actions, and this will force new bonds and lead to new discoveries.

This period is a chance to try all the things you’ve been too scared to do in the past: ask your romantic interest out, introduce yourself to a new group, or attend a new social gathering. 

Love and Relationships

This card also offers useful insights into your love life. If you’re already in a relationship, this card ushers in a chance for healing. Either you or your partner is trying to recover from a broken trust or misplaced anger.

There’s currently a rift between you, but this is just a temporary issue, provided you’re both able to set your egos aside and focus on healing.

This card reminds you to focus on the good times: remember why you fell in love in the first place and rekindle those flames. If you’re single, the Ace of Cups Tarot card indicates that there is an exciting new beginning heading your way.

Romantic interests can appear from nowhere and take you by surprise, but this card suggests that once you get over the initial shock, you’ll realize that there wasn’t anything surprising about this situation at all. You’ll wonder why you never thought of it sooner.

Career and Money

We see the same messages contained within the card as we explore the financial side of your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently looking for work or are already employed, new opportunities are going to present themselves to you.

It’s important to remember to keep your heart and mind open to possibilities though, as opportunities can present themselves in strange ways, and we don’t always know which leaps of faith are worth taking.

Listen to your intuition and allow it to guide you through the correct decisions. Don’t be afraid to be proud of your work and accomplishments either, as you may need such confidence on your new path.

In terms of finances, you will benefit greatly from the new opportunities you take. This card indicates that you’ll soon be receiving good news about your current financial situation.

If you’ve applied for a loan, the good news might be that your proposal has been accepted. On a more neutral level, the appearance of this card can serve as a reminder that you shouldn’t judge your future based on your present.

Just because things seem a bit grim right now, doesn’t mean they will remain that way in the future.

Ace of Cups Reversed Meaning

We can now begin to explore what the reversed meaning is. Generally speaking, when a card is reversed, it often carries the opposite meaning from its upright position.

In this case, the reversed Ace of Cups Tarot card indicates that you’re going to struggle to socialize in the coming weeks or months.

You may find that you’re not in the mood, or perhaps you feel like socializing, but you just can’t seem to get your point across. Whenever you speak, people will seem to misunderstand what you’re trying to say.

It can also suggest that somebody close to you is currently harboring negative emotions towards you. 

Love, Relationships, Career, and Money

When single people reveal this card, it can indicate that finding a compatible partner is proving difficult. It feels as if there’s a lack of connection with the people you meet, and you may find your heart closing to the possibilities in front of you.

Limiting your emotions also limits your chance of making a connection with someone. We see a similar thing for those in relationships, where an unwillingness to open up will create doubt, mistrust, and hurt.

In relation to your finances and career, the reversed meaning of this card indicates that the reason you’re feeling low recently is due to the lack of fulfillment offered by your job or career.

Now might be the time to search for a job that connects with your goals and ambitions on a deeper level. This card can also suggest that you’re going to receive bad news.

This could be in relation to a job application, but it could also be in relation to a loan or mortgage application. No matter what the case may be, you’re going to find it challenging to acquire any large sums of money anytime soon.