A Guide to Understanding the Number 6

number 6

We’re going to explore the number 6 and the values associated with it. To fully understand the number 6 meaning, we’ll also consider how it appears in various religions and faiths. All numbers are unique, and yet we pass by a near-infinite number of them every single day without paying any attention to their meaning.

The digits between 0 and 9 are particularly unique and are often referred to as core numbers. This is due to the fact that these ten numbers are the foundations of all other numbers that could ever exist. Each core number is like a person, in that it possesses unique traits and energies. 

Number 6 Meaning

If we view the number six as being like a person, what sort of personality would it have? Well, let’s consider the type of energy that six has.

Everything in this universe possesses energy, from symbols, words, and colors, to people, food, and spiritual beings. This energy is vibrational in nature and its why we feel so connected to the universe.

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Six carries a vibration associated with healing. We can see this when we explore the primary meanings of this number, of which there are three:

  • caring and loving attitudes.
  • balance.
  • and respect.

Before exploring these values in more depth, it’s worth noting that the number 6 also holds some secondary meanings as well, some of which overlap with the primary ones. These include family values and bonding, nurturing, a sense of home, protection, gratitude, healing, emotional availability, and responsibility.

The number six can feel like a difficult number to understand. It often represents aspects of life that interact with our emotions directly, and so we tend to see this number during times of emotional stress or discomfort.

Learning to understand this number’s meaning can help guide you toward a sense of peace through achieving a more balanced emotional state.

Caring and Loving Attitudes

In numerology 6 is often a symbol of love. This doesn’t have to mean romantic love, it could be the love you have for friends, family, pets, or something else entirely. Love is a pure emotion that transcends logic and reason.

Love has joined kingdoms and created wars, it motivated people to conquer mountains and travel across deserts. Our ability to love is programmed into our DNA, just as it naturally exists within our souls.

Despite this, we often fail to show love to those who deserve it the most. Six can appear to us, in whatever form it takes, as a reminder to be loving, caring, compassionate, and understanding.

We all face obstacles that seem unbeatable, and when we reach low points in our lives, the love of someone special can help raise us back up again.

The number six can be a sign of encouragement, but it can also be a symbol of love in a different sense. Karma is how the universe remains balanced.

Positive thoughts and actions lead to positive outcomes, just as negative thoughts and actions lead to negative outcomes. When you give love to the world, you will receive it back.

Sometimes, this love comes from the universe itself, and the number 6 may very well be a symbol of just that.

Balance and Respect

Just as six can represent love, it can be symbolic of the need for balance and respect. Often, all three of these meanings overlap. When your life becomes imbalanced, it can be indicative of neglect to your physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual health.

But it can also suggest that your energy is imbalanced. This can be caused by almost anything, but one major reason is that you’re allowing fear or doubt to limit your ability to show respect.

It could be that you’re disrespecting yourself, perhaps you’re disrespecting a family member, or it could be that you’re disrespecting your faith or beliefs.

Respect comes in many forms, but six does give us a hint to help us work it out. After all, we’ve just discussed the idea of not showing love to those who deserve it and need it, and how this can create energy imbalances for you and others.

When you see six, it might be time to take a step back in order to examine whether you’re being gracious enough to the people in your life, including yourself.

Number 6 in Religion

1. Hinduism

In Hinduism, six is representative of mankind. Six is used to highlight our purities and impurities. While we have the ability to think, reason, be aware, gain knowledge, become intelligent, and experience emotion, we can also feel envious, lustful, proud, delusional, angry, and greedy.

These six positives and six negatives are what makes humans unique, but our ability to balance them is what is important. Where we lose balance, we lose ourselves.

2. Buddhism

In Buddhism, the number 6 represents the Wheel of Life. These six stages or spheres are like levels, where positive karma raises your level and negative karma lowers it.

Only by being loving, caring, respectful, and living a balanced life, can we hope to reach the final stage: Deva. But the only way to break free from the Wheel is to achieve enlightenment.

3. Christianity

In Christianity, similarly to Hinduism, the number 6 represents humanity. More specifically, six represent the weakness of man and the various consequences of our shortcomings.

However, we know through the Bible that we must forgive the transgressions of others, and so while man is an emotional creature and prone to mistakes, there is a famous saying that perfectly captures the need for love, balance, and forgiveness in all that we do: 

To err is human; to forgive, divine!

This means that while humanity will likely continue to make mistakes, the only way we ever hope to achieve enlightenment and reach the best version of ourselves is to forgive ourselves and others for past mistakes.

These mistakes are the very essence of what it means to be human, and the number 6 serves to remind us of that.