Look into Your Feelings with the Suit of Cups


The suit of Cups in the Minor Arcana represents the element of water and deals with emotions and feelings, relationships and love, power and religion. Cup cards encompass many spheres of your life and can shed light on the deepest insights into your question or situation. Learn more about the suit of Cups and what […]
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Learning the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

celtic cross

The Celtic Cross is an ancient symbol that originated in Ireland and Scotland sometime around the 9th century, but possibly earlier. This symbol carries a lot of meaning and power, and so it may not surprise you to learn that we can in fact harness this power during a Tarot card reading. A Celtic Cross […]
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Understanding the Minor Arcana

minor arcana

Out of 78 cards in a Tarot deck, 56 belong to the Minor Arcana, and they are very similar to the cards used in a regular deck for playing poker or other card games. The Minor Arcana is comprised of high cards such as Ace, King, Queen, Knight, and Page, and then ten non-royal cards, […]
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Discover Your Life Path Number Compatibility

life path number

There are several important numbers in your numerology chart, and your life path number is the most influential one. By knowing this number, you can uncover your hidden character and your true nature, your challenges, and your life journey. You can also discover how compatible you are with other people around you. Would you like […]
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